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“But I don’t study English and I have no writing experience!”

Oh no! Anyway…

In our writer’s community, it doesn’t matter whether you’re studying biomedical science or civil engineering, employed or unemployed, newbie or veteran: we want to help you stand out. Everyone starts somewhere; we want you to start here.

“Writing an article won’t help me or my career!”

We think you’d be surprised at just how far work experience goes, even if you don’t want to be a journalist. If not, though, we’ve got you covered. While we primarily recruit content writers, there are endless opportunities to join the internal team in roles of responsibility that suit your skill set.

“Why would I want to work for free?!”

Great question – we understand that this experience isn’t for everyone; we all have to make a living. To get to the top, though – where the dream job and the money is – there are mountains to climb. We want to open up a pathway to your zenith and give you that first foot-up on your journey – will you let us?

“What’s the point? Why No Extra Source?”

Everyone’s been to school, everyone’s had their share of unenjoyable retail experience, and everyone has that year 9 Duke of Edinburgh award that we were told would make our CVs irresistible; the fact is, this isn’t enough to stand out to employers anymore.
But – going the extra mile to join an upcoming company, becoming a part of its growth, and gaining a valuable understanding of how a business and its team functions?

A guaranteed winner on the journey to your dream job.

An experience designed to make you stand out.

State No Extra Source as a place of employment on your LinkedIn.

List No Extra Source under your CV’s work experience section.

Get a reference from a member of the team for your job applications.

Why our writers love No Extra Source:

Personal Portfolio

Develop your own, custom profile to store all of your high-quality articles

No catch-experience

It may seem too good to be true, but believe us – it’s true!

Publication to a wide online audience

The high-quality articles produced by upcoming writers feed our ‘NES Latest’ section where readers have the opportunity to explore the latest, best, and most topical articles from some of our contributors.

Gain unrivalled work experience for entry-level workers in roles of responsibility within No Extra Source

We are always looking for ambitious, determined, and hard-working individuals to climb the ranks of No Extra Source and utilise meaningful opportunities:

Join our editorial team

Have a say on everything design within NES

Get real-life business consultancy experience

Become crucial to our recruitment team

Gain insightful marketing work

+ many more roles in your area of expertise!

Interested in a role of responsibility at No Extra Source? Apply now and get involved!


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