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Film night can be a divisive time in a house of students. Even without the 30 minute pre-chat of ‘I don’t mind’s’ about what to watch, or the even deeper snack discussions on pop corn vs chocolate, it can be hard to find the right film to suit a mix of people. For the introvert, film night is a chance to cuddle up and recharge after the exertions of student socialising. For the extrovert, film night is a chance to comment on an actor’s butt or jazz up the boredom of sitting still. So, what you all really need is a set of movies that are the perfect blend: one’s that can suit an epic pre’s or an ‘I’ve had two lectures today’ slump. So enjoy these five films that can both comfort down and liven up an evening.

  1. Pitch Perfect

Is this film perfect? No. The fatphobic comments, lesbian digs and Asian stereotyping are strong with this one. But if you’re looking for a cosy mess that deviates from the usual high school cliches and soppy romances, then this is the one for you. Silly enough to be relaxing but musical enough to be fun, this film is perfect for a catch up evening with the housemates. If you just want to chill then sit back and enjoy the quippy dialogue and edgy Anna Kendrick, but if you want a bit more of a party atmosphere, then sing along and form your own acappella choir.

2. Scream

Yes horror might not suit everyone, especially if you’re planning a night in, but think of this film as a half-horror, half-comedy. For the quiet nerd, this gentle slasher satire is choc-full of other film references; references that turn into a brilliant drinking game for the more social setting. Plus, there’s just enough gore and jump scares to keep a group gasping, but not so much you’ll go to bed with nightmares.

3. Twilight

What more could the 18-21 year old want now than to revisit the nostalgia of their tween years? The perfect balance of care and cringe with an incredible soundtrack and more than enough moments to laugh at. Twilight, once so polarising has now become a symbol of unity for groups everywhere. If you really want to sit and enjoy then the silvery shades and dulcet tones of the characters are sure to soothe, but if you want to laugh, drink, or mock, then Robert Pattinson’s pained face and self-loathing sighs will entertain.

4. Bee Movie

I can’t quite believe I was allowed to watch this as a child. The amount of innuendo and bee-stiality references in this film makes it the ultimate watch when you’re drunk or on your way there. Certainly a transcendent experience, this cartoon makes you feel like your brain has stopped working, which is perfect if you just want to relax, or if you want to know what taking drugs feels like. Tip: take a sip every time you’re grossed out.

5. The Holiday

To be honest any Christmas film would suit this list as they always seem to find the line between deep and crappy. This one, however, tows the line exceptionally well. Gooey and warm, this rom-com will make any cold evening (or cold heart) feel better. Or if you’re looking to watch it in a group, why not have an Iris and Amanda side of the room? Or a different drink/snack for each? The two intersecting stories of this flic make it an ideal theme for any sort of gathering.

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