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So, you’re a mUm and you’ve been wondering which car is best for you, or maybe you’re just thinking of getting a new car. Being a mUm comes with many responsibilities that you have to attend to and it might seem as if your attention is needed at all times; this can be quite frustrating. As much as motherhood is a great and rewarding experience, it can come with tasks that leave you feeling burned out at many points. Having a car will definitely provide you with a measure of relief and allow you some ‘me’ time. It saves you a lot of stress and provides you with the opportunity to relax in between school runs, shopping trips to the markets, and all those other errands mums are often left to do. Everyone needs a break sometimes, you know.

   Now you understand perfectly why you need a car and have made a decision to get one. The next step is picking the right car. You can’t just pick any random car, because you ought to get a car that tailors specifically to your needs and as well as providing comfort to you and your kids. You wouldn’t want a car you won’t be able to utilise fully, right? Cars, as you know, come in different shapes, sizes, colours and models, so choosing the best out of the many cars there are could prove quite herculean.

   You’ve probably spent a great deal of time making enquiries and comparing reviews whilst trying to figure out how to make a good choice. This can be quite daunting and not easy at all. Given that, you’re actually looking to be relieved; finding the ideal car can be a source of stress and equally time consuming, which goes against the original plan for it. This is why we took it upon ourselves to provide you with extensive knowledge based on our in-depth research to help you discover why the Toyota Sienna is not just a good fit, but the best fit.

   Toyota sienna is a minivan manufactured by Toyota at the Toyota manufacturing facility in Indiana, United States of America. It was named after the Italian city, , in Tuscany. It was first produced in 1997 and since then has witnessed different models throughout the generations. From its first generation in 1997 to its current fourth generation in 2020. It was unveiled electronically in May 2020. It is ideal for lovers of great comfort as it has a flexible seating arrangement and is available on all wheel drive which makes it sharper to maneuver.

Below are the seven best reasons while Toyota Sienna is on top of the list for mums who value great family time and travel optimisation.

  1. Safety-oriented design:

We are very much aware that most of the time you willl have kids in the car at different times, from school runs to shopping trips. This is why you will value the bundle of safety features; such as dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert with steering assist, automatic high beams and pre-collision system with pedestrian detection – all provided at no additional cost. These innovative features were designed to protect you and your kids from harm.

2. Five-star interior:

The Toyota Sienna has the tech and convenience  to make your active lifestyle easier and much more fun. Toyota took everything you and your kids want in an interior and put it all together in a premium, easy-to-access package. Whether you want to listen to your favourite soundtrack, watch a family movie on the dual view blu-ray disc, or simply charge your phone with USB ports, the Sienna provides you with the perfect bonding experience.

3. Weather-proof build:

Sometimes,  you’ll need to go places where weather conditions are far from ideal; this is why the Toyota Sienna 2020 offers you the added security of all four wheels with its active torque control that helps you maintain traction.

4. Guest-friendly: 

You play a lot of roles within your social network, so we know how important having choices like adjustable second row seats, an available power third row seat to make loading up your kids and cargo easier, and plentiful room for your head, hip, and legs are. So, even if your little children aren’t so ‘little’ anymore, the Sienna will be there with you.

5. Style that doesn’t settle:

Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to be outdated or out of style; it in fact requires you to be cool and classy. From front to back, the Toyota Sienna expresses your personality in every detail. With its sport mesh front grille, aggressive black wheels, door handles, mirror caps and spoiler, you are sure to get noticed. It is also available in all your favorite colours as well.

6. Freedom to do more:

The Sienna offers the auto-access seat as the perfect solution if you need a little extra help in getting in and out of vehicles. It meets all the applicable safety standards and is universally suited for all latch child seats. Since it’s a factory installed feature, the seat matches the interior of your Sienna and is covered under the same comprehensive three-year factory warranty as the rest of the vehicle. It’s time to do more.

7. Easy-to-use affordable accessories:

Because no two families are alike, Toyota has a wide range of genuine accessories that are available to make your Sienna 2020 your own. These accessories are affordable and, considering how appealing Sienna is to begin with, these quality products will be like the icing on the cake.

These features listed are some of the many benefits of the Toyota Sienna, from its exclusive features which include; seating for eight with second row captain seats, 17-in-5 spoke alloys wheels, black power outside mirrors with integrated blind spot mirrors, projector beam halogen headlights ,USB ports, onboard Wi-Fi, three ozone climate change, power doors and lift gates, with a built in microphone for voice amplification system. The only real cons are the fewer features in comparison to some newer competitors and the inability to move second row seats.

These features are the top of the list summary if you are considering a car that is perfect for you and your kids.

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