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After experiencing success as the lead guitarist in Indie Rock band Dolly and the Dinosaur, Oxford-born Ben Porter has released his debut single Lonely Bones in collaboration with 20-year-old female singer Loren. Now going by Benners, the young artist has parted ways with childhood friends and band members Adam Cox, Tom Priestley, and Rohan Misra to begin an independent musical venture.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Tom Misch, Brasstracks and Stilly Woozy, Benners’ debut single Lonely Bones oozes style and quality through a combination of ear-pleasing sounds and harmonious vocals. While collaborating with ex-band member Tom Priestley, the pair wrote the lyrics for the track with local vocalist Loren in mind as the female voice, in what they envisioned to be a romantic conversation between a guy and a girl. Loren studies Music Production in Bournemouth, and her undeniable talent shines on this single. When combined with an instrumental that can only be described as the audio equivalent to mouth-watering, Lonely Bones is easily a hit love-song.

Written, recorded, and produced all from the comfort of his bedroom, Ben has proven that a global pandemic and subsequent lockdown is just one more obstacle to climb in the pursuit of our ambitions. From expertly-handled guitar riffs, to sound production and vocal execution, Benners flexes his musical variety and talent on this single, and gives us a taste of what to expect in the future.

Once produced, LA-based company Blue Dream Studios mixed the track to arrive at the final product, which you can now stream and enjoy right here. Having amassed an impressive 1,000 streams in its first 24 hours, the track is destined for further success.

Speaking to Ben, I asked what the future of his musical career might look like and if there were thoughts of an album any time soon:

‘An album is a long way off for now – I think people prefer the easy consumption that comes with releasing singles, so that’s what I’m focusing on right now. There might be some new stuff coming, maybe in March, so keep an ear out!’

Asking Ben what the motivation behind his solo venture was, he responded:

‘I just want to make good music and put stuff out that people enjoy listening to – I’m far less concerned about numbers and success this time round; if that comes, then bonus! But I’m not oriented to that right now and putting out good music for people to enjoy is enough for me, you know?’

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