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When it comes to most people, even myself, whenever they want to build something with the intent of growing it into crazy scales, they always think that they must penetrate the largest market and try to make the loudest noise so that they can be heard.

Yet, while that can prove itself to be a great way of going about things, it can also be an amazing way of feeling frustrated when no one notices you in an ocean of other people trying to make the loudest noise and bring the biggest impact.

You see, whether you are trying to make a name for yourself on the internet or in any other market, one of the best ways you can do that, even though it might sound mental, is to start small and build up from where you are.

And through referencing James Clear, a great author and believer of smart actions making big impacts, today you are going to dive into an analogy by Derek Thompson, an author and writer for the Atlantic.

When asked about how writers can succeed in the modern world, he explained that many people’s first intent is to reach the largest audience and sell their great idea to them, but the best way to produce things that take off, things that amount to greater scales, is to produce small things, become a small expert, and he painted this example with an analogy.

A Tokyo City analogy.

You see, in Tokyo City, there are a lot of shops and some of them sell the weirdest and most unique things; some would even say that they specialised in selling that one great thing that distinguished them.

In such a city, millions of people come and go, and they see these shops, some that are selling whiskey made in the 80s, others selling clothes that were made in the 90s, and others selling other unique stuff.

Though it would be easy to think that they are missing out on great opportunities to reach more people, I would say that they are cashing in on great opportunities to reach the right people.

In a city that has millions of people passing and going, surely there is someone that is interested in whatever each store is offering, and the same goes for whichever market you want to operate in.

Whether you are in the art industry, the fitness industry or anything else, really, the best way for you to make a name for yourself and scale up your business is to start by focusing on a niche.

Though it sounds appealing to be an artist that does Character Design, Concept art, Visual Development and everything else the art industry has to offer, just know that you have better chances of attracting the right crowd by starting with one thing and building up from there.

Start by focusing on that one great thing that you have to offer rather than spreading yourself wide and thin on a variety of things, and the right crowd will be there to fangirl about it.

Tokyo City, just like the internet or any other market, offers many incredible and luring things, and it is super hard to get the attention and interest of everyone that goes through it. Hence, you should focus on your unique craft, your unique offer, instead of wanting to sell everything for the sake of reaching everyone (you are not Amazon – and even that started small!)

Build your unique craft and those people interested in it will come (but that doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for them).

Start small and build up from there, and you might just see your thing shooting up faster than a rocket.

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