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We often perceive ourselves to be a mere human form. Full of dreams and talents that lay dormant, go unnoticed, untapped or unused.

Never reaching our full potential and never thinking we can be more than what we are right now.

Or, are we too afraid to go beyond that thinking, fear of the unknown?

And so, we often create labels to give meaning to, or to categorise ourselves, groups of people, or things. Which, in turn, limits:

  • Our talents, dreams and knowledge.
  • Our ability to feel, love and learn.
  • Our ability to be as expansive as the universe.
  • Our potential to go beyond meaning or understanding to feel and be present in what is.

“Nothing limits the unlimited reservoir of thoughts, words, and creativity except our self-imposed boundaries.”

(Deepak Chopra, 2019)

But the question is, how do you know?

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.”

(Thich Nhat Hanh, 1996)

So, how do we know we are limitless? We often see, hear, and feel it in many different ways and forms every day.

We experience it within our own experiences:

If we look close enough into our lives, if we take a deeper look at what we have gone through and have done. Then, we will find those instances of going beyond our perceived limitations.

Via the experiences of others. To name a few:

In forms of love:
  • In the mother who goes beyond unbearable pain during childbirth.
  • In the couple who go beyond begging for love from each other and shower love on one another.
In many selfless acts of compassion:
  • In the one who is starving but still offers their food to another, without eating themselves.
  • In the one who saves another life, without thinking twice about the risk to their own.
In nature:
  • In our ability to value and appreciate our natural world.
  • In our ability to understand nature’s miracles, wonder, and beauty.
In pursuance and perseverance:
  • In those who continue to pursue their dreams when faced with continuous rejection and failure.
  • In those who continue to get back up, even in the most trying times.
  • In those who try to give up but seem to fail because their purpose never gives up on them, no matter how hard they try to give up on it.
Through creative expression:

In creative forms, whether we are participating as an audience or the ones creating. Allowing ourselves to be open and expressive.

Whether painting, dancing, singing, creating music, acting, etc, we allow ourselves to feel closer to our true nature, our true self. Where time and space do not exist, we are present in that moment.

And whether we are any good or not, or whether it makes any sense, is not the point. It allows us to go deep within and become one with ourselves, to see and feel how limitless we are.

“Because all human beings possess an innate, unseen, extremely rich potential, when the opportunity presents itself, they are able to tap this power and accomplish tremendous things.”

(Dr Rene Dubos, as cited in The Limitless Potential of Human Beings, 2013)

Dare to be more!

So, dare to be more than what you think you are or what you think you know and open your heart and mind to the unknown.

And the next time you look up, at the vastness of the sky, with its glimmering stars and infinite universes filled with endless silence. Know that you are ever expansive and will find that same limitlessness within you. So, close your eyes, and dare to believe and be.

‘We may ask, “Are we human beings not too limited?” No, we are not! We have infinite power within us, but we are fast asleep and unaware of our strength. This power rises up when we awaken within.’

(Amma – Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, 2014)

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