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A person’s career is likely to alter as a result of their passion and occupation, both financially as well as in respect of a happy existence. Though both allude to an activity that consumes most of a person’s attention and effort throughout his/her life, there can indeed be a significant disparity between the two things and how they are achieved and accomplished.

The crucial discrepancy between passion and profession is that a human being’s passion pertains to his/her emotions, whereas a profession typically pertains to an individual’s job. Passion is unaffected by money; profession is primarily measured in terms of money. 

An eruption of intense emotions, both harsh and pleasant, is referred to as passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s affection, willingness, joy, grief, or sadness. It is the feeling that motivates an individual to do something without regard to the implications. It simultaneously encourages and stimulates a person to make the next move. Passion is a natural emotion that gives a person the drive to keep going ahead and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. A human being can be enthralled by a particular action or aim.

J.K. Rowling, the renowned author, was hit by adversity but persevered with her passion for writing, eventually becoming one of the most prominent and wealthiest authors of her time. The feeling of passion can be experienced not just regarding tangible items but also in aspects of people, intimate relationships and familial members’ outspoken emotions, craving for compromise, and enthusiasm for affection and compassion. Passion can reduce the anxiety of failure and damage. Mountain climbing, traveling, and animal hunting are some of the most courageous expressions of passion. Steve Jobs claimed that the actual world changers will be those who have passion, thereby educating people that revolution is only achievable if sheer effort and willpower are combined with a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

It seems hard sometimes to listen to one’s heart and brain at the same time. Sometimes one has to choose between a passion and a profession. Because both money and happiness are important. One has to pay attention to both his or her passion and livelihood. I think the person who becomes successful in utilizing his or her area of passion in his or her profession gets the jackpot. It’s a real matter of satisfaction when the heart and brain can walk in the same line. It sometimes takes time to know or find out what one’s passion is among many areas of interest. It’s also a difficult task to be because wrong notions can lead one to wasted time and failure. One has to ask himself or herself to get an accurate answer. So if you truly know what your passion is or you have discovered it, you should just go for it. I think a passion is a dream to be cherished and achieved and life is the only opportunity for it. What do you think?


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