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We forget about the incident, but not the emotions it caused. This is why we get furious at people who haven’t done anything wrong to us in the meantime. However, they’ve undoubtedly done something in the past that we have completely forgotten about but which has left an unconscious anger inside.

The same thing applies to kids. They have unconscious, deep-seated feelings of hatred from old clashes with us that unfortunately translate into bad behaviour.

You might have beaten your child in front of someone and regretted it. They will never forget how they felt or the humiliation they were subjected to.

You might wonder why your son is so stubborn.

The answer might be very simple. You might have called him stubborn, and he decided to act on it. Why not? He knows that you know he’s stubborn, and he can do nothing about it.

We are not going to discuss the reasons in this post. However, let us assume that the child has already acquired a bad habit. The following are three disciplining-children tips suggested by experts to help us free kids from the roles they’re playing.

Disciplining children: 3 tactic

1- Help them see themselves differently

2- Highlight their good qualities

3- Remind them of their strong points 

1.      They have to see themselves differently.

The first essential disciplining children tactic to try is to help them see themselves differently. Whether by coincidence or by your planning, you can put them in a situation so that you can praise them at the end. Gradually, they will start to see themselves in a different way.

When the child hears such words, he/she is going to gradually see themselves as a responsible and effective member of the family, especially if you had previously called them irresponsible or selfish.

2.      Highlight their good qualities.

Speak about wonderful things your child has done or said when you know they can hear you or when you know, they can overhear you.

3.      Remind them of their strong points.

Lea Waters, an expert on positive education, recommends using strength-based parenting in raising our kids.

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