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I’m sure we’ve all heard people talk about how getting to know oneself is the key to finding happiness. Well, I’d have to say that I agree; there’s nothing that beats the confidence and happiness one gets from knowing themselves.

Despite how easy this sounds, it’s quite unfortunate that a lot of people don’t get to know themselves before they pass on. This is quite sad because knowing oneself is the key to knowing what you were born to do – it ultimately gives one a sense of direction that cannot be rivalled.

I truly believe that almost all – if not all – of the world’s most successful people took the effort to know themselves before any other thing. Knowing yourself is the first key to success (because there are other keys in the bunch), which is why people invest a lot into knowing themselves.

People go about this in many ways:
♡ Intentionally – through religion, meditation, books, music, sports and so on.
♡ Socially – through mentors, role models, friends, family and so on.
♡ Emotionally – through pain, compassion and even pleasure.

Only a few people get to know themselves through social and emotional means. 90% of people have to be intentional about it.

1. Open your mind

No, don’t roll your eyes, I know it sounds very cliché but it is the first step you have to take and it’s not as easy as it seems. Why? Because, most of the time, we hide from who we are. Often because we are afraid to face the truth, we worry about what others will think, and how it will fit in the image we created for ourselves before we got to know ourselves. And yes, these are all valid reasons to be afraid, but instead of closing your mind to the idea, open your mind. Even if you do nothing in the beginning,  just open your mind,  and it will become a whole lot easier. Trust me.

2. Become self-aware

Now we’re getting into the real stuff; don’t squeeze your face, it’s way easier than it sounds. Self-awareness has to do with honesty and nothing more. Be honest to yourself in your heart always and you will begin to know yourself more. What’s more? People won’t hurt you as easily with their opinions because you would already know yourself very well. This would increase your self-esteem and confidence greatly.  This is the superpower all confident people possess, nothing more. Just be willing to hurt yourself with the bitter truth before anyone does and watch your self transform.

3. Pick a path

Now you have to pick a path that will guide you in getting to know yourself.  It could be religion, books, music or meditation, whatever suits you. You could even pick more than one. Bear in mind though that consistency is more effective than intensity. Read that again. So, whatever path or paths you pick,  you must be consistent with it. The social and emotional factors could further hasten this process but that would happen on its own.

Getting to know yourself isn’t overrated like some people claim; in fact, it is hugely underrated because it saves us from a lot, builds our confidence, strengthens our sense of direction and builds us emotionally & mentally. Overall,  it makes us the best version of us we can be.

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