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Last month, Harry Styles released his much anticipated third album. It didn’t disappoint.

With hints of pop, rock, funk and synth-pop, Harry’s House is the ultimate summer album. Telling a story of the ups and down of a new relationship, this album is best listened to backwards…

…go with me on this.

After listening to the absolute banger which is Music For a Sushi Restaurant, which unfortunately might be used in supermarket adverts or even Jet2’s summer promotional material, it’s clear the album needs to be listened to in reverse. But that isn’t a bad thing.

Let’s start at the end, or ‘the beginning’. Love of my Life describes Styles missing home. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music he said:

“I’ve always wanted to write a song about, like, home and loving England and all that kind of stuff. And it’s always kinda hard to do without being like ‘went to the chippy and I did this thing.”

Moving on to Boyfriends. Not my personal fave on the album, but a good tune to have on in the background. This song is about feeling lonely in a relationship – also linking back to Styles’ songs on his previous albums; Golden and To Be So Lonely. The theme of loneliness is mentioned again in As It Was, another track from Harry’s House.

Satellite and Keep Driving are about wanting to be there for someone during a relationship even when it feels you are distancing yourself from them. Does that make sense?

The lyric “spinnin’ out, waiting for ya to pull me in” references Styles’ observation of the other party being lonely and wanting to help them but also not wanting to put any pressure on them to do so. 

Keep Driving is a great follow up to Satellite with nods to weather changes interrupting the “orbit” you find yourself in during a relationship. During this song, it appears Harry and his partner have a hold on their relationship and have been successful from disaster striking. “We held darkness in withheld clouds” suggests there’s an underlying uncertainty, also explored in Love of my Life.

Daydreaming is my favourite track from this album. It’s such an upbeat and seemingly jolly tune. It’s one of those songs where it fades in the middle and then builds right back up again. Perfection, if you ask me. The song is all about feeling, being free in life and feeling good in your own skin for once. The word “antidote” is used in a lot of Styles’ lyrics; this time, he’s found his antidote.

Cinema is another groovy tune, but Matilda is the standout genius song on the album. At the halfway point on the album, Harry sings “you’re just in time, make your tea and your toast”. He’s fully welcomed us into his abode and at exactly halfway through the album’s run time. Matilda is a song full of heartbreak for his partner not being accepted by their family – but Harry encourages them to talk about the heartbreak.

Do not be fooled by the title Little Freak. It is not a dancing tune, it’s quite the opposite. I was getting ready to bust out some embarrassing moves when the opening beat kicked in. How my mood changed fast, ha! Daylight soon makes up for the lack of dancing in the previous track. Much like Boyfriends, this would be a great song to have on at a summer get together. 

As It Was. What a song. Need I say more? As you were (…see what I did there?).

Grapejuice is a song I’ve skipped; I hate to admit it as I love Harry’s work but this one just isn’t it for me. However, he does redeem himself with Late Night Talking. The horns, jazzy guitar and drums give me the serotonin I need before a day in the retail life.

And we’re back to Music For a Sushi Restaurant. Some may compare this song to the opening title of A.N.T. Farm on Disney Channel, now I’ve told you that little fact – you won’t be able to unhear it, oops!

I have to say, out of all three of Styles’s albums – this one is my new favourite. Go check it out now!

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