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So I’m going to be real here; the only real reason I started blogging was because I realised that it might be easier than I had initially thought. The only problem that I had (despite the simplicity) was how to actually start blogging. Number 1, what to talk about? Luckily, there was a book which appealed to my eyes: The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith.

Firstly, the design of the book is quite basic but at the same time, extremely eye-catching. It probably has something to do with the gold design and the lines that all connect at a single point – perhaps mirroring how aspects and understanding of life come together once you understand something.

The prelude

This section details the excitement of being in the fashion industry – from magazines to talk shows and catwalks etc. It highlights relevant bloggers within the fashion industry, such as Kristina Bazan (misspelled as Bazar in the text, I noticed), which is helpful for those who want to get into the world of fashion (me!) and be inspired by someone. The prelude highlights that blogging isn’t just for fashion freaks, but for anyone with the passion to write and share their thoughts out loud, but not as part of a direct two way conversation.

Chapter 1

Statistics are shown to demonstrate easy it can be to blog and to still get something out of it. It is not too late to do something if you put the right amount of time and dedication into it. Knowing that everything is digital makes publishing so much easier, especially when it comes to automatic grammatical and vocabulary corrections (I am dreadful at English technicalities, despite being a native speaker). There are 13 reasons why (maybe not that kind) you should get into blogging which outline the benefits that it can provide. It may take some time to write and build up a good level of engagement, but at least you are doing something productive and positive for yourself.

The great thing about thing about the book is that there are many interviews with real people and you can get an insight in to their reasons of blogging and how they went about initiating their dream.

That’s as far as I have got for now – but I will have a review on the next chapter. Until next time!

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