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These are my takeaways from reading the second section of The Million Dollar Blog:

One of the great ways to become a blogger is to also be an influencer. This is a great way for the individual to sell themselves and network with more businesses and people. Business-wise, it also helps with their sales and marketing strategies. Connections can be made with businesses big and small which will make a big impact on the blogger if that is what they are wanting to achieve. Also, affiliate marketing is becoming quite large at the moment. Maybe you could try to promote things with your blog…

A blogger should be on multiple platforms. Right now, I am on WordPress, Blogger and Instagram. That will help me to increase my engagement with the followers that I have and increase my reach rate with new followers.

As easy as it is to ramble and post random stuff on your blog, it is better to have a niche. That way, it is more catered to a certain type of audience which would be interested in more of the content that you post. If you are not sure as to who to niche then, well, you’d better do your research! Again, having multiple platforms allow you to have different niches, so that if one person doesn’t like one of your platforms, then they can Shwoop… Check your other blog page out and see if it is to their taste.

A lot of people (including me) struggle to put our own face or audio on the public posts, but that is a really good method that you will get a higher reach because people love seeing the person behind the camera regardless of what you look like.

Many people used to only read and believe things that adults with a writing profession of 20+ years produced. Now, people read stuff that a 10 year old writes and puts on a website. Therefore, you do not need to be an expert in the topics that you write about. You just need to have some understanding of it and understand the English language and you’re good to go!

BLOGGING IS NEVER GOING TO DIE. There will always be a thing that people have not talked about before or that you have not seen much of and then you think “Oh, I could write something about that” and then you go ahead and do so. You just need to find it and pick it up

Words are very significant when writing. That is why you should use Google Trends and Google Keywords to find the right words which will give you the best reach for your blog.

I completely understand; you may be a student, parent/guardian, business owner… but consistent blogging is the key. If you lose track, it will be difficult to get back on it. Taking breaks are fine as long as you are aware that you will get right back on the computer and start typing again.

Lastly is… Don’t work for your own cause (capital… That *Ka-ching Ka-ching*) but work for a positive impact on other people. In a way, you will feel better about yourself. Especially when you get DM’s on your Instagram from people saying “Yo, you helped me change my mindset. Your posts are so powerful.” THAT should be your reason to blog.

Next chapter review coming soon, Thanks for reading!

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