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A lot of us think that writing is a great deal of hard work. Well, I agree. But if you enjoy composing articles, you will know that content writing is fun. I mean, why not? You get to do a lot of reading and research, learn about a lot of topics that amplify your knowledge base, and have the opportunity to get paid for all of this. It’s truly rewarding, isn’t it?

What are Writing Skills?

Put in simple terms, writing skills are a combination of traits you need to possess to become better at penning down your thoughts. If you ask me, anyone can write.

However, most of the time in content writing, it happens that a lot of things are going on in your mind about a particular topic, but when you sit to jot them down, they sort of disappear.

Relatable? Well, it happens to all of us.

Why does this happen?

The most obvious answer is maybe a lot of information is being retained by our brains but when we plan to write them down they get mixed up and we get confused. This is why the first rule of content writing is to create a checklist of important points related to the given topic. This will make it easier for you to compose an elaborate and informational piece of content for your target audience.

Remember, the difficult part is not the writing, it’s how well you organise and sort the written content to turn it into a meaningful piece of information that your audience will find useful.

Presenting 5 fun ways to develop your writing skills without making it a dull affair.

  • Read books

Don’t get me wrong, when I mentioned that there were fun ways to improve your writing, reading really is one of them! Especially when you indulge in your favourite storybooks, fictional novels, or your preferred magazines.

Going through books will help you develop proper sentence formation and enhance your ability to check for minute drafting details.

  • Watch English-language movies.

Yes, you heard that right. Start watching your favourite English-language movies (or any other language that you wish to write in). But while doing so, make sure to make a list of the new words that you come across. It will help build up your vocabulary and also improve your articulation of speech.

  • Attend writing seminars or join any writers’ community

You can either visit workshops in your city or join an online writers’ community that will help you get tips from ace bloggers & authors and get their valuable feedback & suggestions.

Additionally, signing up for free online courses can also help you enhance your writing style. 

You can join various such communities on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for regular updates in the content writing industry. 

  • Edit, edit, edit!

It may sound weird but editing an article takes more time than composing it (believe me when I say that). Working on editing will help you develop an eye for detail which is a crucial trait of a skilled writer.

You can take help from various free online tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway editor, etc. to work on your redaction.

  • Write, compose, draft.

The best way to improve your drafting skills is through continuous practice. You don’t have to pen for hours; merely pursuing 15-20 minutes of writing every day will help you hone your writing abilities. Write about anything that you find intriguing, or even about a trending topic. 

Also, you don’t have to write several thousand words. A recent poll conducted on LinkedIn suggested that an ideal blog post should not be more than 1200 words. Readers don’t prefer lengthy articles; all they want is clear and concise information, that’s it.

In the End

While everyone learns differently, one thing is for sure: you should never quit practicing. Be prepared to embrace your mistakes and learn from them. Keep revising your first drafts, and most importantly, write after doing adequate research on your topic. All these tips will definitely help you grow as a writer. 

So what are you waiting for? Start penning your dreams now. 


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