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With holidays abroad becoming more and more expensive, a week in the British isles it is considered a holiday for many. For those with a fondness for history, definitely consider Lincolnshire as a place to visit.

The ‘Famous’ Lincoln Imp

Steeped in history that dates back to the Roman era, the City of Lincoln and the town of Gainsborough are places worth visiting. With food and accommodation that are quite cheap and lots of historical sights to visit, it maybe the ideal money saver for a holiday location.

With Nottinghamshire up the road, host to the historical Retford and Moulton where King Cnut tried to turn back the sights, it is a journey into history.

In Gainsborough, there are two places of history to visit. The All Saints Church, Gainsborough, which not only has a tapestry depicting Gainsborough from the Iron age, but it also has its own history. Although destroyed in the 14th century, it was rebuilt in the 17th.

Gainsborough Old Hall

There is also the Gainsborough Old Hall built in the 14th Century by Sir Thomas Burgh and this is a great historical landmark to tour, with a café to enjoy a coffee as you tour the grounds, see the hall and all the room as they were originally built.

There are numerous places to get something to eat, however it is recommended that a hungry historian should at least visit Caldero Lounge and try their burgers: especially the brisket burger and the ultimate chicken burger. Also, it is advisable to try their different lemonades to wash your burger down with.

Caldero or ‘Barrel’ Lounge, is a great stop for food in Gainsborough

If you need a place to stay while in Gainsborough then the Gainsborough Hotel is highly recommended. At £55 – £60 a night, you can be part of history as you enjoy your stay in a Victorian hotel – just beware of the ghosts of three working girls on the top floor. If you believe in that type of thing.

Gainsborough Hotel, which is rumored to have ghosts of three working girls.

Moving onto the city of Lincoln, there are two places that should be on every tourist list and that is the Cathedral and Castle.

Lincoln Catherdral, built in 1072 which houses the famous Lincol Imp.

The Cathedral, which was started in 1072 by William I, was once considered the tallest Cathedral in the world. It is also famous for housing the Lincoln Imp, which every tourist should at least try to find. There are also tours of the different rectories with their history explained, just be aware that it is no longer free and each ticket will cost £9 to enter. It also has two rose windows that are visually breath taking and the Wren library which houses the Venerable Bede texts.

Built by William I, this castle has seen its share of history.

There is also the Lincoln castle in which you can get a photo of ‘Lucy the Dragon’. The castle tours again costs; entering the grounds are free but the tours will cost you £15 for a day pass. However, you can do some of the tours, leave for lunch and then come back to finish the rest. The Castle built in the 11th century on top of Roman ruins has the wall walk where you can walk the battlements and see the city of Lincoln, it also has information on the first battle of Lincoln where King Stephen used the castle as his main fortress during the Civil war with his cousin Margrett.

Also on the tours is the Victorian prisons and the main exhibit: the vaults that house one of four original copies of the Magna Carta which, was the foundation of British law and the American Constitution. The volunteer guides are pretty good at answering any questions.

Elite Fish and Chips, good food at a reasonable price.

For somewhere to eat, there is one place that is recommended: The Elite Fish & Chip Company, where the lunch time special will set you back about £6.50 and is Fish, Chips, and a side.

For a place to stay on a budget, there is both a Premier Inn and a Travel lodge. Each will offer a decent stay for a fair price.

So, for anyone who is interested in British history, then Lincoln is a place to visit, and if you have enough time then you can also check out Gainsborough.  

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