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On July 12, NASA revealed the world’s first full colour images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and from what we’ve seen, some may say that we are not alone in this gigantic universe.

This is huge for the entire human race. Humans officially reached the ability to depict and photograph the galaxies and beyond; we have shown what surrounds the earth from the borders of our universe.

If you are new to this, a study has shown that as we travel far in space, we see things from the past due to the speed of light not reaching that exact point in the present yet.

In the photographs, we see the Carina Nebula, which is located over 7,500 light years away. The Carina Nebula holds stars way bigger than our sun.

Stephan’s Quintet also appears, which is around 289 million light years away; it is the first galaxy group to be discovered in the 19th century.

The James Webb Space Telescope was launched on the 25th of December 2021 and is located 1.6 million kilometers away from Planet Earth. With a 6.5 meter mirror, it crushes its older ancestor the Hubble Space Telescope after 30 years of roaming the universe.

Everyday we are reaching new levels of discovery and hitting new milestones. It is a part of our evolution – since the dawn of life on earth the homosapiens have continuously discovered, found, created, and invented new things.

This is big for us as humans, as just creatures who live on Oxygen, water and food. Just imagine that 10 years ago, we did not even have a sharp picture of Pluto, a Black Hole, or even Nebulas.

We will continue to hit new milestones, new achievements, and we will continuously surprise the other creatures that live with us in this universe. It is the Rise of The Humans!

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