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I’m sure there was a time you thought content marketing was merely advertising content – Many people also think the same. However, from the title of this article, you already know they are not the same. They do have similarities, but the focus of this article is on the differences. Analysing the differences and applying them according to their specifics will set your business on a better path.

So what are the differences you need to know between advertising content and content marketing? Generally, the foundation of advertising is the customers or clients, while the foundation of content marketing is the business and the customers. The established emphasis on both serve as a pointer to drive the efforts of a business in their order of priority. Every business has its unique needs and best ways to channel its efforts.

To help you better understand the difference between advertising content and content marketing, some marketing professionals answered this question with their best insights. The collection of the answers formed a good background for this article. So, here are the highlights of the differences:

Advertising Content VS Content Marketing:

Selling a Product vs Building Trust

Utilising Existing Audience vs Cultivating New Audience

Seeking Dialogue vs Not

Generating Leads vs Targeting Communities

Widest Audience vs Proper Audience

Selling a Product vs Building Trust

The biggest difference between advertising content and content marketing is that the former is designed to sell a product, while the latter is designed to establish trust and credibility with potential customers. Content marketing is focused on creating content that educates readers about your company and its products so that when they’re ready to buy something, they’ll come to you first. It’s about creating a relationship with your audience over time, by providing them with valuable information that helps them make better decisions, whether it’s related to your brand or not. Building trust for your brand is the ideal way to establish your potential customers’ loyalty.

Shaun Connell, Connell Media

Utilising Existing Audience vs Cultivating New Audiences

Content marketing involves creating and disseminating pertinent podcasts, articles, or videos through advertising platforms. It entails attracting, keeping, and growing an audience, thus establishing a relationship with consumers. Advertising content, on the other hand, is viewed as compensated media that preys on a pre-existing audiences, which is essentially product promotion and necessitates going to the consumers.

Gisera Matanda, WeLoans

Seeking Dialogue vs Not

Another difference between advertising content and content marketing is in the flow of information and the channels used to relay that information. Advertising is more direct and instant, allowing no room for dialogue. Meanwhile, content marketing is not as direct. It does not instantly push for a product but offers an opportunity to talk with the customers.

Channels of advertising such as television, newspaper, and billboards do not give a feedback loop. Content marketing uses channels such as online articles and social media where customers can leave comments.

Leah Wanjiku Gathoni, NearbyMovers

Generating Leads vs Targeting Communities

Any brand must have both content marketing and advertising. Together, they produce a powerful strategy that controls the market you want your brand to be in. However, if you have to choose one for your content, you should know their differences.

Advertising is the practice of distributing your content to the general public to generate the most leads. You’re looking at potential leads that may be interested in buying your content or networking your content for free. This is ideal when you’re trying to expand your reach, and help beginners find the best communities for the brand.

Marketing, on the other hand, is to sell your content to communities that fall under a particular category and are relevant to your brand’s target market. Creating content about makeup, for instance, and posting it on social media with the right keywords will help people discover your business.

Chris Walker, Superstar SEO

Widest Audience vs Proper Audience

Advertising is all about putting your product or service in front of the widest potential audience. Content marketing is about putting your content in front of the proper audience. In most cases, content marketing is directed at a specific audience. Many content marketers devote a significant amount of effort to analysing their target demographic and discovering precisely what they like reading the most.

Ammad Asif, Stream Digitally

Understanding these differences between advertising content and content marketing will help you decide how to design better strategies and generate leads that convert for your business. They have different aims and ideally should not be used interchangeably.

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