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A considerable amount of people who suffer mentally have faced some form of abuse in their lifetime.

Some of these victims find it difficult to share their experiences with anyone because they see everyone as a threat to their survival. They may try, in many ways, to get over the trauma, but it has damaged their sense of happiness and trust.

Often, these victims find it hard to mingle with other humans because they always feel insecure. Some of them were abused by the people they trust (close relatives) which causes deep cut in their heart, for their trust has been betrayed.

Some children go through mental torture because they are frequently abused and there is no-one there to save them. A lot of parents get engaged with work all the time without checking up on their kids to know when they are going through pain. Because they don’t pay attention to these kids, they keep it inside of them and face hell for a long period of time, possibly their entire lifetime.

Spending time with victims of abuse will make you realise that human varies not just in colour but also in psychological aspects. This psychological effect contributes largely to the way they live their lives.

Some can’t fall in love, not because they don’t want to, but the damage caused by this evil act has switched off their feelings, so the only thing they feel is anger, pain and hatred. Some have become addicts to either sex, drugs or alcohol.

They often become alienated by society because of a certain refusal to recognise the issue and offer support.


If you are a victim reading this, I implore you to open up to someone, as hard as it may seem – it has to be worth it. You can start with the following;

  • Try therapy: one-on-one conversations with a therapist can help you realise what you’ve being missing ever since you became a prisoner to your situation.
  • You can try out door functions, like lots of sport, seeing movies that are not related to your problems. Having genuine fun can do a lot good.
  • Read books that can help you forget the past and channel your focus to the present.
  • Try praying to God to grant you the courage to withstand and defeat your fears.
  • Above all, the most vital step is for you to make peace with your inner self and allow yourself to accomplish all other steps to getting away from the damages caused by abuse

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