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For those wondering – yes! That was an Agatha Christie reference!

The Conservative leadership contest is starting to heat up now with the second TV debate due tonight. It’s a big opportunity for those defending their early lead to squash the other candidates while for those potentially facing elimination on Monday’s vote it is a great opportunity to make up some ground before we lose at least one candidate, dropping from 5 to 4. We have already lost Jeremy Hunt (Previously piped to the main job by Boris Johnson in the 2019 leadership contest), Nadhim Zahawi (Current Chancellor of the exchequer, Representing Stratford-on-Avon since 2010) and Suella Braverman (Representing Fareham in Hampshire since 2015).

Meet the 5!

Rishi Sunak leads the way, topping the second round with 101 votes and is arguably the bookies favourite. The former Chancellor of the Exchequer poses strong views on the economy, with determined claims to reduce inflation and bring financial security to the country. Now backed by Jeremy Hunt following his exit from the leadership contest, Rishi remains in a strong position going into tonight’s debate and tomorrow votes.

Penny Mordaunt is in a strong second, hoping to reel in on the lead with a respectable 83 votes during the second round. Having previous held roles as Secretary of state for defence and is currently the Minister for state of trade, she possesses a competent and well-rounded background in Public and Private sectors as well as being in politics for over 12 years representing Portsmouth North. She holds strong views on self-ID and declares to reduce VAT on fuel to ease the burden on the general population.

Liz Truss finished third with a solid 64 points. With the backing of Suella Braverman after her exit, you may be inclined to believe that her stocks are on the rise. #LizForLeader is her slogan, currently representing South West Norfolk since 2010. She currently serves as the foreign secretary and is dedicated to bringing economic change with further monetary borrowing to ease the short term pain of inflation. Sunak described this issue as a “Fairy Tale” since borrowing will only lead to greater debt but Liz brings a valid point forward herself as currently we struggle in a ‘cost of living crisis’ and suffering in the short term does not guarantee long term financial safety.

Kemi Badenoch survived the last round with a somewhat comfortable 49 votes. She has been a member of parliament since 2017, representing Saffron Walden. Some of her views include potentially reducing the green levy tax, reducing the cost of energy bills and improving the financial strain on the general public comes first while continuing to strive for a greener future is still on the agenda. Despite being in 4th in the voting, the conservative Home poll saw her soar into first. Could this be the decisive turning point in Badenoch’s campaign?

Tom Tugendhat scraped through, obtaining 32 of the required 30 votes to remain in the competition. His position since 2017 has been the chairman of foreign affairs committee, having represented Tonbridge and Malling since 2015. Some of his views include tightening up the UK’s defence by increasing expenditure to 3% of the national income to bolster our national security. His remarks in last night’s debate on various topics (Including being the only candidate to vote against the rise in National Insurance when it was increased) seems to have won over the public as he was the clear winner of the first televised debate.

What’s next?

Well, Sunday the 17th of July see’s the second TV Debate. After which we won’t have to wait long for the all-important third round vote which should take place just a day after on Monday the 18th of July. After falling from five to four there will be another vote just two days later which will see the candidates whittled down to the final two.  While it seems as though a Sunak Vs Mordaunt final could be what awaits us, more twists and turns surely await in the tantalising tale of the Tory leadership contest.

Eight Began, Five remain… Sir Boris Johnson’s search for his next successor… Continues!


    1. Apologies Paul ! It was written and ready to publish at the weekend before the Sunday evening 2nd Debate. Due to a backlog of articles on the site and poor communication regarding the article being time sensitive on my part it only got reviewed and published today. Hope this explains any confusion!

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