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Take breaks and be 200% efficient and productive.

  1. It helps in retaining memory (phone)
    • It helps your brain in retaining memory (you)
  2. Prevent crashing (phone)
    • Prevents mental breakdown (you)
  3. Runs more smoothly and prevents malfunctions (phone)
    • Think clearly and no fatigue (you)
  4. Gets rid of anything draining your battery (phone)
    • Reduces stress (you)
  5. It helps cleans memory (phone)
    • Clears unnecessary thoughts, keeps you focused (you)

Let me tell you what happened to me this morning

I tried to open my FIFA mobile apk this morning but it kept showing log-in failed. “This is new”, I said to myself.
I closed the apk and opened it again and I got the same result (this happened thrice). I was already thinking about deleting the apk and reinstalling it when an idea came to mind.

What if, the issue is not from the apk but from my phone? So, I decided to restart my phone.
Lo and behold, the login was successful after the restart. I felt at ease.

The lesson here is this:

Like your mobile phone speed declines after doing so much work without break, so does your mind and body after being stressed.
Stress is the ultimate enemy here.

When you push yourself really hard, you achieve goals, you complete tasks, which is awesome – but it is necessary for you to also remember to take breaks to feel refreshed.

You phone ‘lags’ sometimes because you don’t give it breathing space. If you don’t take breaks, you might ‘lag’as well.

“Try to pause each day and take a walk to view nature.”

Lailah Gifty Akita,

Some things that you do that tire you easily


Multi-tasking slows your cognitive processes. While so many people think multi-tasking is a skill, you are stressing your brain while doing this.

It slows your brain and reduces your efficiency level.  Like your mobile phone speed declines when you work simultaneously on so many applications, you sometimes get tired and frustrated when trying to do too many things. 

So why do this to yourself?

Why hurt yourself?  

What do you do?

Close all the apks or restart your phone. This cools down your phone.

Take one task at a time. It eases the pressure on you.

Close all tabs!

Imagine this, in your phone browser; you have more than 20 tabs opened (you are already saying “this is me!”). You are looking for a piece information you stored in one of those tabs:

How do you even stay focused with that many tabs opened? 

Just clear your tabs!

You not closing tab signifies you have a lot of unfinished business that needs your attention. This is like a mother of triplets and they are all crying for food at the same time.

“I will sign up for this program later”, you said 

“I will read this article later”, you said

Before you know it, you forget the reason you opened your browser in the first place.

“Taking a break can lead to a breakthrough”

Russell Eric Dobda

Taking breaks is one of the way you can reduce stress and anxiety. More on stress, anxiety and depression can be found here.

You can do the following to relax your mind and get it ready for the next task/activity or event at hand;

  • Take naps
  • Do little exercise
  • Go for a walk
  • Meditate
  • Take deep breaths
  • Reward yourself with your favorite snack, food or movie.

In life, in everything you do, learn to relax. Learn to find peace. It is necessary for your health.

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