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It is not so uncommon to hear bad comments about abstract painting. Amongst the bad comments, however, there are plenty of positive ones, just like how you can find a light in the darkness. So, what makes abstract painting worth the praise?

When you look in the mirror, the image you see before you is your own reflection, making you think of nothing but how you appear, physically. Do you look suitable? Is the make-up you put on good enough?

When you look at a painting, on the other hand, the image you see before you is a picture, created with intent by a painter. Instead of self-evaluation, you think of what the painter is trying to say through the image they drew. What story does it tell? Why do they look like that?

When it comes to painting, you draw things. In order to draw, you will need to have references on what the trees, mountains, and rivers look like if you want your painting to look exactly like the natural scenery. It may also tell a story of the things they love, the place where they grow up, or even the place they go to when they’re sad. Meanwhile, abstract paintings are often used to emphasise the room and make it become visually pleasing and aesthetic, if hung on the wall. There’s not much meaning beyond that.

Another good thing about abstract painting that’s worth mentioning is how it doesn’t adhere to any strict rules, meaning that, compared to hyperrealism – which seems to always repaint a scenery to look exactly like the way it is – abstract ignores the actual shape and is usually drawn the way the artist wants it to be. Unless the artist explains it to you, you may find yourself wondering what you’re staring at.

Many people are finding it difficult to adapt in the systematic world. Through abstract painting, though, you can see how those out-of-line strokes can still shine to those who relate to the story. In the world of straight lines, the curved line can’t fit in. Just like how many people can’t fit themselves into the society. Through abstract painting, you can figure that being different doesn’t always mean a bad thing. You still can shine in your own way that truly shows your uniqueness. Like an abstract painting, you are charming in your own way.

If abstract painting can thrive in modern art, you can also thrive in modern world.

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