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It shouldn’t be over emphasised that technology is the world’s fastest leading transformer. It changes as time passes, and it comes with beautiful and powerful recreation. But then, there is no technology without the people behind it.

There is no creation without a creator. If technology leads and reshapes the world, then humans are the god of technology. Every invention is the idea of a thinker that is brought to life. With this, the amount of useful energy from this thinker, is transferred into what is created. And so, that becomes the creation of the creator.

In research, I have discovered that out of billions of the world population, only a few thousand get transformed or reshaped by technology. What can be the cause?

It is funny to say that with all the consumptions and usages of gadgets in the world, the world still experience damages and breakdown. Should it be termed Ignoranceor Continuous neglects of the vitals? If with the presence of smartphones, most people are not smart souls, who is to be blamed? Technology or the people?

Smart phones should make people smarter, and not the other way. It should enhance ideas and knowledge among users. It shouldn’t just be used for playing or posting bad comments that would raise issues on social media. it should be used for inventing and enlightening minds, especially, youths.

With the presence of technology making life easier, this should be the era of more smart people and more smart inventions.

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