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I’m pretty sure it must’ve hurt most of us before we found our happy ending.

But, how would you describe it? What does it mean to you?

To me, it doesn’t have a specific definition. Here’s my say – It’s waiting for the text from that special person and ignoring everyone else. It’s like checking my phone several times thinking what if I missed the notifications? What if due to some bug or error I didn’t get the notification from the special one? It’s usually the excitement when I receive a call after waiting for hours. There are a few smiles shared, some annoying stories from the day, cringe topics and a little bit of love from me. Make sure, if he’s okay. Asking him about his day and if he had food. I think that’s my way of showing how much I care.

Oh, how can I forget? I usually wait for the text that says he’s home safe. So, I won’t be worried; nothing comes without pain.

It hurts when all you ever wanted was this one person for the rest of your life. To share all your happiness and struggles. But, it would never happen. Because they don’t feel the same. This unrequited love hurts but you can’t escape from it. You just can’t let go of the love you have for them.

You try to be all okay from the outside and then break down once you hit the bed. You’re scared what if you never fall in love again? What if there’s none better than him? You don’t wanna lose him. But at this moment you’re happy that you have him as your best friend. You’re trying to enjoy the present moment.

That person can never be yours. And we can’t force people to love us but we can love them for who they are. You can’t unlove them because you love them and care about them. In my tiny bubble world, this person has a special place. Often it gets exhausting when you don’t hear from them. But they aren’t yours and it hurts that you wish they would understand one day how much you care for them.

I’ve heard this from the movie The Perks of being a Wallflower.

Nice people fall for the wrong one’s because they think that’s the love they deserve.

Make sure you get the love you deserve.

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I like to write when I feel low. I love reading self-help books. High tides. Good vibes.

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