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We live everyday making choices; the way we make our choices affects our self-esteem, happiness and satisfaction. But, what if love comes into the equation and be compared to other aspects in your life? What would be your choice? What if your partner asked you to make serious sacrifices for them, and leave everything to be with them?

1 – Passion
Passion creates a feeling of incomparable happiness; you glow when you are in love, which also reflects on your partner’s happiness. Giving up on your dreams or making sacrifices that you are forced to do is the complete opposite of that feeling, making you a miserable person. Healthy relationships should help you achieve your dreams and goals. The right partner should be supportive, understanding and inspirational. Don’t ignore the power of passion, but also don’t neglect your goals in life, because ignoring them will kill the passion.

2 – Career
Of course, everyone has different priorities in life, but the way of managing these priorities makes all the difference. Choosing to quit your career after marriage for your partner or your kids could prove a big mistake. Work is a priority, just like your family. Leaving your career and the achievements you have made may make you feel
unworthy, empty and disappointed, which will affect your marriage and your relationship, your kids and yourself. You can be a great partner, parent and professional at the same time; it’s about making the right choices.

3 – Family
Family is a number one priority in your life and I would say that it has to always remain number one. Being away from you family after marriage for whatever reasons may be the biggest mistake you can make in your life. It’s even worse if you are away from them because your partner isn’t on good terms with them. Choosing your partner over your parents is something that you may live regretting for your whole life because nothing nor no one can replace your family.

4 – Friends
No one can live alone, without people and friends in their life. Your friends are your source of comfort, happiness and memories. They are your support system and secret keepers. Friends are gifts that can’t be replaced or redeemed.

5 – Appearance
Physical appearance is a very sensitive and private topic: no one has the right to make judgments over how you look or how your look should be. Make peace with the way you look, whether you are small or large, tall or short, blonde or brunette. Love and accept yourself and don’t let anyone destroy your relationship with yourself. If you want to make changes with the way you look, make them for yourself and not for anyone else.

6 – Hobbies and Talents
Your day is packed with many undesirable duties and responsibilities, and one of the things that gives you positive energy and make you want to give more is enjoying a hobby or practicing a talent. Don’t give up on a talent or a hobby because you don’t have time for it. Or, rather, do other responsibilities because they seem to be a “priority” as your quality time with yourself is a priority too that you shouldn’t ignore. Our hobbies are a weapon for a better life and a healthier relation with others and ourselves.

7 – Self-respect
Self-respect shouldn’t be an area that anyone can come near. Don’t allow your partner to underestimate you or destroy your respect for yourself. No matter what your partner may do to make you feel unworthy, don’t let that change the way you feel about yourself because you may end up hating them and yourself for it. Don’t allow insults, violence or bullying be a part of your life.

Don’t waste your time and energy over a toxic relationship.

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