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Within the first few seconds of a potential client seeing a product or brand, they’ve already formed their opinion of the brand or product. The decision on choosing the brand or a rival brand happens, many times, within a few seconds. This would mean that you have only a few seconds to leave a lasting impression on the potential client – an impression you hope is strong enough to turn them into your clients. That’s why a brilliant design can be the sole reason a customer chooses one brand over another. 

Contrary to the popular belief that clients have quality as the utmost concern in the choice of what product to buy, customers may often choose a product with slightly less quality if the product packaging and design is better than a rival product of better quality. This bias for aesthetically pleasing product designs is why big companies spend millions of dollars to ensure their website designs are top-notch and that their products have outstanding posters and ads. Considering the outcome of one of these investments, it has become apparent that a little less frugality with funds for designs will not be a bad idea at all.

In 2008, Pepsi had a rebranding campaign. They changed their logo and made major adjustments to their brand identity. The report is that they spent about One million dollars on this – that’s a lot of money. Their investment paid off, though, as they have raked in billions of dollars in income since then. 


Here are a few designs that need to look great for your brand or business:


A good logo may not be all you need for a good brand, but it surely goes a long way to promote the perception of your brand. Your brand logo is the first thing your potential clients will see when they are exposed to your brand products or services. You would need a logo that obeys the ‘good logo rules’.

Some things to remember when getting a logo for your brands:

  • The logo should be simple and memorable. Simple logos are so vital. Therefore, many top brands go for minimalistic logos. Think about this, what does the Nike logo look like? What of Adidas? Apple? Samsung? You remember all these logos because they are simple or memorable. Any logo you can replicate with your eyes closed is probably a good logo.
  • The logo should be scalable. You should be able to use it on a billboard and a business card without distorting the beauty of the logo.
  • The logo must be versatile. It should work for both web designs and print materials.


These are used to advertise certain products or services of your brand. With flyers, just like logos, you need it to be detailed and not crowded. Such flyers are to grab the attention of your client and make them read through to get the details you want to communicate.


A properly designed website can be invaluable in acquiring the right clientele. When a potential client visits your website, they would, in a few seconds, decide if they want to become your clients. Though it can be expensive, you might find that polishing your website is quite a solid investment, likely to bring in massive returns.


Here are some reasons why good designs are so great for your brand:

Excellent designs make a good first impression

In a world where umpteen brands are offering similar products or services, impressive designs could be the difference between your brand blending in and standing out. Seeing as your designs are usually the first thing that potential clients see, they are your chance to make quite a good impression on them. Many times, you never completely change your first opinion and so, it would seem like you have just a few seconds to really bag a new client. 

People have a short attention span, and within ten seconds, they have formed an early opinion about anything they see. Hence, it becomes essential for brand designs to look striking and unique.

Good designs communicate information appropriately to potential clients.

As much as we need beautiful designs, the whole idea of a design is to pass information across to get clients. If they don’t understand the services you offer, they will not see the need for your brand. Hence, proper communication is expedient for getting the best clients for your brand.

Consistent designs boost client trust

Notice how top brands always have a consistent feel to their designs, websites, and ads. You will always know a Coca-Cola ad when you see it – it will always be distinct from a Pepsi ad. Why? The plan is to build a brand that is remarkably unique to you, such that you can identify it anywhere you see the brand. Such consistent designs build trust in the people; they are more willing to choose your brand owing to the consistency you show in your designs.

More sales

The whole point of starting a business is to make money. You want more clients. You want a more consistent income, and so you cannot see anything that it would take to raise the income as wasteful. With an improvement in designs, there is a correspondent increase in interactions of potential clients with the designs. The plan is not only to make them one-time clients, but to turn them into loyal customers. Once you achieve this, then the result is a spike in sales and income. 

Considering these ideas: money spent on designs isn’t a waste. It is rather an investment poised towards massive returns. So, take bold steps. Spend some more on getting great designs for your brand. It may be one of the wisest choices you ever made for your brand. 

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