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Google is a multinational technology company developing apps and software solutions for a wide variety of purposes. They specialise in technology solutions and services.

Search engine technology is one such solution. The algorithms and index crawlers are highly advanced – for example, a search for “Google” generates about 25,270,000,000 results (0.58 seconds).

Google search works in three phases: crawling, indexing and serving search results as an output. Crawling involves downloading content from pages found online via automatic machines known as crawlers. Indexing involves an analysis of the content found and storing this within the Google index. The result is then the final stage of Google search. After the search query has been input by the user, Google then returns those search results that are relevant to the query.

Online advertising is another service offered. For example, Google Ads provides users with the opportunity to place their ads both on the Google search engine and non-search engine places like websites and apps. Advertisers can bid to place their ads, service offerings, product listings or videos to end users.

First, users identify their goal for advertising, such as getting more calls, increasing visits, or driving users to the website. Next, users decide where they would like to show their ads. Following this, the message is created via either a few sentences or by banner ads.

Cloud computing is also provided by Google. It’s a set of cloud computing service products that run on the same structure that Google uses for its end-client products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube. (3) There are many cloud computing services such as data management, hybrid and multi-cloud, AI and ML. The compute engine allows users to create and use virtual machines. Object storage allows you to store any type and amount of data with the ability to take data at any time and continually. Databases such as MySQL reduce overhead costs.

Computer software such as Google Chrome is available to download and use for free on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. As the official browser for Google, the product is lightweight and has many interesting features. For instance, the search bar makes quick calculations, allows you to check the weather updates and more. Passwords are kept safe by strong storage, checking of saved passwords and warnings of any online breaches. Syncing allows you to access your bookmarks, saved passwords and payment information.

Google Quantum AI is advancing through the latest quantum computing technology. There are numerous software and hardware solutions for quantum computing by Google. Through its Python library, Cirq allows users to write, manipulate and optimise quantum circuits and run them alongside quantum computers and simulators. Google’s quantum computing service allows for users to have remote access to their quantum processors and simulators.

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