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According to the CDC, mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Our mental health impacts how we think, feel, act, and respond. Our mental health is what determines how we handle stress or conflict.

Have you ever looked at your watch and felt that time was too slow, but you already did your task? You take a glance at your watch again and now you feel you’ve been working for hours, but the time isn’t passing by. We’ve all been there.
How often do you feel exhausted, even if you did nothing the entire day? It could be that you’re overwhelmed and it feels like there’s a lot on your plate. We all need a break during those moments.

It’s becoming less taboo to talk openly about mental health and therapy. It helps create awareness among people.
One can seek professional help by meeting a therapist or psychiatrist. Besides that, you can try to sleep early at night, meditate (don’t roll your eyes at me), treat yourself to some goodies, order food from your favourite place (yes, thanks to Talabat for making that easier), go for a massage, catch up with friends, read a book, journalling, etc.

“Please take your rest as seriously as your hustle.”

Jay Shetty

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I like to write when I feel low. I love reading self-help books. High tides. Good vibes.

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