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What do I do? How do I channel these emotions?

The thought of writing crippled into my cold plump little fingers as I applied for jobs, only to see more content writing jobs available. Is this it? In my little bed and my multiverse brain… all my education? Why did I choose to major in Engineering? These requirements, qualifications and experience to be an intern and achieve entry-level jobs for engineering students I am seeing on LinkedIn, I don’t have them. Are all these years going to end with just writing?

I am a selfless, relentless person, and I have promised myself to succeed. With all these thoughts going through my mind and the sound of the keyboard echoing through the walls, what exactly should I title this article? Is this even an article or a story?

Grrrgrrr… the beeping of my phone brought me back to the fan rotating at its highest speed. I am thinking it is about to rain. Guess I have been lost at my fingertips wondering how to put my thoughts into writing.

“Please, find it in your heart to forgive me” the message from my phone reads. Who is this person that’s about to distort my thinking?

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Finding myself.

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