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No one has seen it. Yet, millions amongst us live under its shadow. Sighing and crying in the dark, suffering in silence, pounding against locked doors… We resist with all our strength and  try to escape but it’s so hard! Ours are the empty white skies, the cold rooms and the closing in walls. Our minds are like pages filled with scratches or utterly blank. Demons and ghosts won’t leave us alone.

Society doesn’t help. On the contrary. We lack encouragements and support. Often, people think we’re useless. Impervious to the misery and bleakness around, they tell us “it’s all in your head” or “get a grip”. We have to pretend everything is fine and smile. We rearrange our faces and wear the mask of happiness. At the end of each day, cracks appear and we look like the Joker.

Wait…. Look around you and let the scales fall from your eyes. In your contemplation of beauty, don’t overlook the darker sides. What if so-called normal people were in the wrong? Talking about the Qatar World Cup, French actor Vincent Lindon recently compared our world to an open-air asylum. Before him, Shakespeare wrote “life is a story told by an idiot, full of noise and emotion, but without any meaning.” What if we, children of the Black Dog deserved the gold medal of courage?

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