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Pain is something we experience in different ways. Two forms of pain which are most common are psychological and physical pain.

Physical pain is related to the body. It is something most humans (and animals) experience in their day to day lives. It could be caused by an incident, joint dislocation, a headache, or even bruises from an injury. These can be controlled in some instances as long as the individual takes more precautions.

Psychological pain relates to emotions (the mind and the thought). This type of pain could be more dangerous if neglected. Discouragement, hopelessness, toxic relationships, abuse, lack of success, an inferiority complex (to name a few) are psychological pains. If neglected, these could lead to depression or other mental health problems.

Pain often becomes more painful (be it psychological or physical) when it is suppressed or ignored, because pain is meant to be felt. If a person battling with lots of issues is constantly denied the right to speak out or demonstrate what their pain looks like, the person is robbed of the right to feel what is meant to be felt.

It is okay to talk about pain. It is okay for people to say how they feel when being oppressed. It is okay for a person to say no, especially when necessary. It’s okay not to be okay in a world that is not okay, that is what makes you human. It’s okay to try and fail and keep trying. It’s okay not to be perfect, because you were programmed not to be.

Don’t give up when you feel pain. It might take time to stop, but don’t let it consume you.

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