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Sun, holidays, friends and golden skin, it’s time to take out your phone and take a selfie! Except that at the time of posting it, you realise that your selfie does not really show you off. You take the shot again, then again, but are still not satisfied. What should you do? Should we abandon the idea of ​​the selfie? Should you give your phone to strangers to take your picture? No. Here are my tips for capturing the perfect selfie in just a few clicks.

1. The right angle

Choosing the right angle is essential to getting a good photo. This holy grail is not always easy to find, but here are a few tips that will allow you to highlight your best profile.

Do not frame too high to avoid the “angular face” effect, nor too low to not accentuate the nasty double chin. The ideal would be to hold your phone slightly above the head to define both face and silhouette.

Straighten your head by leaning slightly to the left or right

Always extend your arm as far as possible and zoom in slightly to reduce the wide-angle effect and the distortions it creates. The other alternative would be to use a selfie stick.

2. Be natural

To be natural there is nothing better than simply smiling like there is no camera, looking straight at the lens, trying to avoid duckface, fish gape or any other weird tendency. Note that make-up plays a key role in the success of your selfie, keep it minimalist and discreet, especially when your skin is nicely tanned.

3. The right decor

For a better result, take the time to choose a beautiful background for your selfie. Have fun staging your photo, varying the shooting angles according to the surrounding scenery. Go for a neutral background if you’re out of ideas, so you don’t overload the image with unnecessary information.

4. Lighting

The key to a successful selfie is above all good lighting. The light helps camouflage small redness and other imperfections that you do not necessarily want to reveal. In order to achieve the perfect lighting, a few rules should be followed.

Opt for natural light. The sun is your selfie ally, use it for a better rendering. Avoid flash and artificial lights which bring out the flaws of the skin and alter its colour.

Your face should be facing the light. Do not hesitate to test several poses to find the right one!

5. A single dominant element

Whether it’s your look of the day, your new hairstyle, or the last pair of shoes you fell in love with, choose an element that you want to show so as not to overload the photo with information.

6. The magic of retouching

We can say thank you to the many editing applications that allow us to balance the different parameters of the photo after taking it, by playing on exposure, light, contrast or even clarity in order to improve rendering in two stages.

Simplicity, brightness, originality, posture, and smiles are the keys to a successful selfie.

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