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So you saw a ghost or experienced paranormal activity around you, say around 3am? That’s a convenient time for the paranormal to be active but I am not here to prove your experience wrong – however, at least let’s question it. 

Science so far has no evidence of ghosts therefore, belief in their existence sounds implausible. Yet, 2 in 5 Americans have a firm belief in spirits. Apart from the fact that it makes a really good party story, I can see why one would want ghosts to be real. It can come from a vulnerable place of losing someone; nothing sounds better than the possibility that you might see them again in a non-physical form, even if it comes from a possible hallucination (that’s how scientists describe it).

The belief that ghosts exist is a complement to the belief that the soul exists. We shall take that belief to be absolutely true, that every living organism has a soul which can be a separate entity from the physical body and can live one once that physical body dies. In this belief, we must go further to have another belief – the existence of an afterlife. This is allegedly also one of the reasons why humans can sometimes, with the agreement of the paranormal, see deceased beings.

Now that we have believed all of this, I assume the answer to my question shouldn’t come with any difficulty. Ever wonder why every paranormal encounter you have had or have heard of always involves a human-bodied ghost? Or, on special occasions, a dog or a cat’s body? These bodily figures are the ones our human vision is familiar with. Why don’t we encounter the ghosts of dinosaurs or any other species that have lived in the initial stages of evolution? Why not extinct species? Surely, they had a soul too that desired to live beyond death. 

One may argue that the afterlife is only meant for human beings because our souls are the only renewable ones. Why then, explain to me, are we restricted from seeing ghosts of our ancestors, say a Homo Erectus or a Homo Habilis?

All of the paranormal appearances are the ones that can be easily imagined by a human being. This proves the point made by science that these are mere hallucinations or made-up realities. It’s time for you to give up on your fear of the paranormal. This may not assure you to eliminate the fear of the dark or isolated places so if you do find yourself in situations like this, tell yourself this – the theories of the spirits or souls meant to scare you are made up by humans, with the assistance they got from the fear you already had of the unknown. 

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