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Judging from how carbon is emitted by the day, the atmosphere is becoming more and more dangerous for humans. The dangers are everywhere: land, water and air.

The constant release of harmful substances into the atmosphere is alarming and it’s high time the world started to take more precautions. Oxygen is what we need as humans to survive, and it is taken into the body every second, at the blink of an eye. If this air is polluted by carbon monoxide on a daily basis, then humans are in trouble.

Industries are important as they contribute to nations’ economies through taxation and the provision of employment to citizens. But how do these industries manage their waste? The frequent release of industrial waste into the sea and ocean is wreaking havoc on humans and animals; there are resultant floods, earthquakes and other serious environmental issues. Some victims may never get over their loss.

Land is gradually becoming unsuitable for agricultural practices, because it’s being destroyed by the products of environmental damage. No farmer makes boast of a big harvest when floods have washed away the nutrients in the soil that are supposed to aid the plants’ growth, or even destroyed the plant entirely. When land is troubled this way, then famine is on its way.

Can humans survive without food, water and oxygen? Can we survive without houses? It is our duty to ensure our environment is safe from such danger. It hurts me to see how victims of natural disaster struggle to recover their land and properties; how they have to mourn their loved ones taken by floods. It truly hurts to turn on the TV and what is seen on the screen is bitterness and grief in the faces of innocent people.

As a climate activist, I believe things could be fixed, but the change needs to start from within. Burning should be reduced and trees should be planted (or replaced in the case of deforestation). Industries should devise more environmentally-friendly means of getting rid of waste.

Let the waters breathe; the rivers, the seas, the oceans, the springs. Let the trees be, so that oxygen will be pure and unpolluted. Let the lands be, don’t pollute the soil by constant burning and dumping of harmful substances.

If we begin to make these little changes in our own space, we could save mankind.

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