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Every person that has a plan has success in mind. No body wants failure, as it diffuses the air of motivation in them. Business is a plan a person comes up with, with the main purpose of making profit.

The misconception of business is widely accepted by many. Most people don’t call it business unless it is successful; that is why someone might start up a company today and shut it down shortly after because of little or no cash flow, and call it a failure. The truth is business is business, whether successful or not. What’s very important is continuity.

Most successful businessmen and businesswomen in the world today couldn’t boast of success, from the first to even the fifth year of their activities. They had no profit to hold onto. Instead, they kept diving into their savings to keep their business going. This might sound foolish to the normal person, but it’s okay for those who understand the real idea of business.

Profit is very important, as it fuels the business and motivates the owners, but it’s not everything. Some people start up as average and within a short space, they cover a lot and teleport to bigger success. Some others start up rich or average and even after years, they won’t be able to give a clear view of what their business is all about. Getting just the capital back after investing in a business can be frustrating, as it weighs one down, but what is more frustrating is no return at all. When things like this happen to people, where they keep losing without a full assurance of recovering what they’ve lost, they come to the conclusion that business is not for them. How can there be success if there is no continuity in a business?

What happens to sacrifice? It is supposed to be ‘effort and capital in, profit out’ in every business, but if it doesn’t work out that way, it shouldn’t be said it’s not business. It can be said it’s not reaching the target intended, but it’s still business. This is where sacrifice comes in. The give-give-give kind of sacrifice and not the give-and-take kind of sacrifice.

Surely, every business will work out as planned by the starter, only on the condition of continuity. If a businessman or businesswoman does not give up or ends a business that they created, because of the circumstances surrounding it, then there would be something called success to be gained someday. All they need to do is to understand the real concept of business, which is not just revolving around success,  but also continuity.

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