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Ever heard the adage “Comparison is the thief of joy”?

Life brings about different seasons of change and challenges for each individual, and a common human error is choosing comparison over contentment when it should be vice versa.

Some seasons are good and some, not so good; some are easy and others, not so easy, but every season is meant to bring an outcome of change, growth and development. 

Each season requires a different version of yourself from the past self. In certain seasons, you might not even be able to recognise the person you’ve become as a result of the all changes you’ve had to endure to survive that specific season. This is a chance for constructive reflection and introspection, but comparison will rob you of this chance.

Constant comparison is one of society’s most toxic traits; it is the enemy of gratitude. Comparing careers, relationships or opportunities clouds your ability to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. It steals the contentment which would otherwise allow you to ground yourself and be present in your current season. 

To be content is to keep your peace of mind and understand that your race is your own and your season is for you to learn, grow and mature. It is meant to help and heal you; to help you focus on how far you’ve come instead of where you could be.

The threats to contentment include doubt, anxiety, stress and even depression. But contentment promotes peace, gratitude and living in and enjoying the moment.

The choice, however, is entirely up to you – will it be the peace of contentment or the doubt of comparison?

Do remember that one is better than the other.

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