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Intelligence is a highly sought-after trait. Many individuals and companies want more ideas to express to others; they want to have exciting conversations sparking much interest and debate. For instance, I’m aiming to gain knowledge on numerous topics/subject areas including: astronomy, maths, Japanese, physics, English literature, psychology, design, coding, writing, digital marketing and more. Here are some ways you can increase your intelligence tenfold.

  1. Read books

Reading books can increase your intelligence in many ways. Books are typically written by subject-matter experts, long-time creative writing authors and professionals at various stages of their careers. Many books have been written on almost any topic you can think of. Reading more increases your range of opportunities. For instance, one could read about Physics and write their own book about the subject straight after! Some books I’m currently reading are: The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Quantum Physics for beginners and Reading/Writing Japanese. Look up if you want more information on the benefits of reading books and how that can positively impact your life.

2. Read blogs

Reading blogs can open up a world of insight you never thought possible. Many blogs are written as an accompaniment to a company’s direct products/services. These blogs are typically written on subject matter that is in some way related to the company’s products/services. Reading such blogs can help one become better informed about a company’s purpose. Other blogs may be documentations of one’s personal life or journey in achieving a particular goal or aim. In addition, blogs may be written simply to advise readers on anything from making a purchase to learning a new skill. Look up,vocabulary%20at%20the%20same%20time if you want more information on the underlying benefits of reading blogs.

3. Network with like-minded individuals

Networking with individuals/companies specialising in your subject matter of interest can also help you gain information about possible opportunities that exist in that field. LinkedIn is a popular platform for professional networking – with the click of a button, you could network with a university physics lecturer and exchange ideas, opinions and information. This, in turn, could lead to you starting a project or experiment relating to physics concepts and receiving recommendations and skill endorsements from the lecturer. This is just one scenario. You can even make good friends with such like-minded individuals. Visit to start networking right away!

4. Courses

There are numerous platforms that offer free and paid courses to learn a plethora of topics. Generally, courses are very specific in their subject matter, encouraging selectivity. There are also many online certifications that you can earn and add to your CV or LinkedIn profile. Courses provide in-depth information and knowledge that you can use right away. This is a sure-fire way to increase your intelligence and productivity.

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