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Being a writer fits my personality. It is freeing for me and it is the only thing I see myself doing. But, like all things, it can be extremely frustrating. 

How writing fits my personality

Writing is my ideal career because I am laid-back, quiet, and reserved. Essentially, I prefer being alone.

Those moments of quietness give me a chance to be calmer, which helps me when I write. I can think better without a cluster of people in my vicinity. 

Being surrounded by many people will have my focus misdirected. In other words, solitude is where I perform optimally. 

Having a writing career

I can’t see myself doing anything besides being a writer. So far, the jobs I have had haven’t been the most enjoyable; they were not endeavours I would get excited about. I find these money-making opportunities wasteful, and I think a 9 to 5 is not fun. 

When I am at work, time ticks off the clock slowly as if someone were casually pushing a bulky boulder in an unknown direction. 

If I could develop a thriving and fruitful career, I would be content with my life. I have a reason for saying that: I feel like I wouldn’t have anything else to live for. I don’t plan on getting married or having children as I am too selfish with my alone time. Being a writer would be my magnum opus.

My enjoyment of writing

What I relish the most is writing fictional stories. It is a chance to be carefree and show my personality. Writing fiction is not confined or structured. It feels easy. It is an adventure into the unknown. 

When you can write uninhibitedly, writing can be more than tantalising. You can be a kid and freely express your imagination. These child-like characteristics spill out onto the hundreds of pages you’ve typed out for others to enjoy. Reciprocity is created when your audience returns the favour via reading your work, commenting on it, or sharing it. 

Writing gives me freedom 

Have you ever liked a job you worked at? If your answer is no, then we’re on the same page. I hated working at my previous jobs. My excitement at the start was equivalent to wearing brand-new sneakers on the first day of school: eventually, the wear and tear erases the novelty and makes you lose interest.

Writing gives me the freedom that a regular job can’t. I like freedom as I hate being told what to do. Writing is an independent endeavour, so it keeps things flexible and makes me more independent-minded. 

Career aspirations 

I am going to be straightforward with you: I want to write books, specifically poetry and fiction. Ideally, I see myself writing two or three poetry books. Currently, I am working on the first one. 

Possibly in the Spring of 2023, the book could be published and released for the world to see. The challenge will be putting the finishing touches on it. 

I am writing this poetry book to reach a wider audience. The process of writing has been a journey for me. 

Currently, I do not have a clear vision for the novel that I want to write. However, the main character’s characteristics are set in stone; they will have qualities that I will understand. At the same time, I want the novel to connect with people. As I am still marrying these two desires, there is no set date. The novel will, however, certainly be good and worth reading. 

My frustrations with writing

Don’t get me wrong, writing has its share of thrills, but it can be hell. Every time I write something, doubt creeps into the crevices of my mind. I stress about other people’s opinions occasionally. It can be overwhelming and cause me to waste the day, but I usually manage to go through with my ideas. 

However, the fear of the unknown sometimes compels me to cut down my ideas; I forswear my original plans and go in a new direction. This can be good in some circumstances, but can also lead to me losing great ideas.


I can’t see myself doing anything other than writing. Given my personality, I feel like I am fit for this career despite some of my concerns. I am grateful for the pen, paper, and all instruments that I can write or type on.

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