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Happiness is everyone you made happy. Their smiles are the makeup – you wear them. They’re forever a piece of your work.

Whatever brings you relaxation and peace of mind is happiness. Most of the time, these things might not necessarily be expensive or too much. It might be something small, but it brings satisfaction to the person that has it. The difference between what makes someone happy and what is expensive, is value.

You often hear or see people store something in their warehouse or at the bank: jewellery, a bottle of wine, a friendship bracelet, a pair of shoe or cloth, or even a pen. All of the above might cost a little, but means a lot to those who have them. When you try to know the reason behind this, you’d understand it’s coming from their loved ones – the people who make them happy and show them the brightest side of life. They could be parents, husbands, wives, children, partners, lovers or friends.

How do you appreciate those who make you happy?

This is a question that makes most people feel too indebted. There is no law that states you must repay exactly 100% to those who make you happy – appreciation doesn’t always work that way. You can appreciate these people with the common things lot of people neglect. It could be: checking up on them, visiting and sharing wonderful moments with them or any little act of kindness, because nothing lasts forever. You may wake up one day to discover that they’re no more, and the only thing that would be left of them are memories.

Memories are special gifts that numbers our special times with people we can’t forget. Appreciate every moment you spend with those who love you. Someday, they will be no more, and the only thing that will keep you going are the beautiful memories. If you fail to live your best life with these people while you still see them, you might regret your actions later. There are actions that can’t be retrieved – this is one of them.

True happiness comes with true feelings. Live in the moment, love the moment, enjoy the moment, show love, and share the moment while time passes.

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