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We live in an era where the internet is integral to our sense of normality. There’s no turning back from this point, where the internet is as necessary for a person as food. No, I’m not exaggerating; that is just the truth. The naked, bitter truth. What is even more bitter than that fact is the hate that has become the culture of the internet. We’ve filled it with so much poison and toxicity that one has to escape it for a while when the hatred becomes too much to digest. I question whether we are obsessed with spewing hate on the internet or whether it is a coping mechanism to deal with the unpleasant events that occur in our daily lives. Is the internet a punching bag upon which we take out all our negative emotions? A stress ball we keep squeezing until we feel relieved? Or, do we just say to ourselves ‘Oh, just let me spill some toxicity on that person’s post,’ or ‘Let me troll him; it’s so much fun!’ Whatever the reasons, hatred is something that can’t be justified in any way. Everyone is struggling in some way. Everyone is at war, either with themselves or something in the world. Amidst all the chaos, the Internet is something we find escape in. So why not turn it into something that would help us love each other? Why not use it to make this world a better place? Why not use it to heal a world that’s broken? Let’s make it better. Let’s make ourselves better. In a world where the internet is unavoidable, let’s make humanity unavoidable too.

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