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The reason, the truth and the purpose of the physical being in the existence.

Feelings, emotions, thoughts, the physical body, and the material world – don’t they all seem connected to nature? Air, water, fire, soil – the whole environment, really – operates as a combined entity. Our interactions with our surroundings can be indirect or even direct at times.

A lot of us, including myself, believe in having a purpose for which we are born as who we are and where we are, but this concept goes much deeper as one starts exploring it, and there isn’t any specific answer. Scientifically, the human body is complex, and the functionalities of the human body have multiple folds that often present the idea that it’s still beyond our understanding how these coded structures that we refer to as DNA were so perfectly engineered within our systems or even the purpose behind different blood group types.

There are several forms of speculation and explanation, but no confirmation on such intriguing concepts. The spiritual world has multiple definitions based on the cultures they originate from.

One needs to be open-minded while going through such information, but more than that, it’s about understanding that we are just another form of element on this planet and cannot survive without the support of other elements, so asking the questions: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, is also a form of a reality check to realise that we are a part of a wider world. However, on a larger perspective, we are these creatures found on planet Earth, which is a part of this whole wide galaxy, and our wealth, status, or ego shouldn’t define who we are.

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