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Many are broken. Many almost gave up because of what you indirectly said to them – Aina is a victim!

Growing up for her was eventful and demeaning at the same time. At age ten, she lost her daddy; a man whose memory is not worth losing a grip on. She was beautiful, adorned by everyone around, and recognised as a brilliant student in her school. But everything turned the other way at the demise of her loving father.

Fast forward to her teenage years, she met many people who threw different things at her; some were positive, but more were negative. Gradually, inferiority started setting in, and here is one of the difficult places to be. She lost her voice and she felt not up to the task. She felt useless.

At this time, we could call it low self-esteem.

Why am I telling this story? Many people have turned the majority into who they are not. Aina was negatively changed just by spoken words. It was a difficult position for Aina because there was no more dad to listen and set her path right. Mum is busy scouting the next meal for her and the siblings.

One of the self-esteem issues she had was about her appearance – she was called ugly. Maybe not outright, but classmates, family members, and neighbours would indirectly say it to her. It has been a part of her life and she lived with this mentality until the right people came her way. Now she is gradually coming out of it.

Watch your words or comments; it goes a long way in making people live a normal life. Words are powerful and the way we receive them differs.

Be a good person and look out for one another. It may interest you to know that you are another person’s solution. Use your words wisely.

Thank you!

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