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There are many different types of nonfiction, but they broadly fit into these categories: expository nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, persuasive nonfiction, and descriptive nonfiction.

Expository nonfiction aims to explain or inform a reader on a specific topic. Narrative nonfiction is a true story about a person, place, or event. Persuasive nonfiction is when a writer argues for their side, or against the opposing side, on an issue. And finally, descriptive nonfiction is when sensory language is used to convey a certain topic and the focus is on using the five senses to give the reader a clear picture.
The Different Genres Of Nonfiction: A Complete Guide — Jericho Writers

Nonfiction is a well-known genre of reading. It’s known for its reality-based knowledge sources and practical applicability. There are many types of nonfiction content out there. I’ll be going through the types that are most exciting to me.

  1. Travel
    Travelling to new places is always pleasant. However, it’s also possible to stay in your cosy sitting nook and travel mentally by reading some excellent travel writing pieces. One of my favourite places in the UK is Ashdown Forest. It has a mystic air to it and is full of heathland. This is true of many national and non-national parks. Here’s an example of Emily Luxton’s travel blog.
  2. Art
    Landscape art is one of my epitomal optimisms. The beautifully striking features of such art is what guides my creative spirit. I hope to become an accomplished artist one day. For now, I can only marvel at the wondrous art of creatives such as Makoccino and Tugce Dumlupinar.
  3. Food
    Food is an evergreen topic. Fact. The need for it will never diminish. Some of my favourite recipes stem from Japanese cuisine. From Ramen soup bowls to Chicken Katsu Curry, such food has the ability to delicately satisfy one’s taste buds. Globally, food from different cultures sets off a buzzing thread of enthusiasts. Here’s one of my favourite food blogs: Pinch of Yum — A food blog with simple and tasty recipes.
  4. Technology
    Technology is the darling of the century. Smartphones, portable printing devices, speakers, computers, tablets, and more are highly in-demand. As we evolve with new infrastructure, processes, and methods, so does our ability to adapt to new ways of living. One can simply send their location to a friend and find each other right away. The possibilities of new technology are endless. One of my first interests in writing, technology has made a deep impact on many around the world. A personal favourite technology-based blog of mine: TechCrunch • Startup and Technology News
  5. Automotive:
    Watching Top Gear growing up, I can definitely convey that the automotive industry is exciting to write about. The best cars are compared, exhibited at car shows, taken out for test drives, and restored when needed. Classics, Supercars, and even Hypercars are hot on trend. A dream of mine is to sit inside a Supercar and learn to drive one carefully. Home | Top Gear
  6. Sports:
    Formula 1 is definitely one of my all-time favourite sporting events. The speed of the racing cars are astounding. It’s exciting how one can capture so much amazement in a car race. The Alpine skiing is another favourite. Skiers are definitely trained with skill in mind. World Cup matches are another interest. F1 Store | The Official Formula One Store — Formula 1 Shop
  7. Environment:
    The world is changing as we evolve and adapt to new ways of living. Glaciers are melting. The hole in the Ozone Layer is continually decreasing. Greenhouse gases are trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere. Writing about such issues with an interest is important. One of the platforms I am currently planning on writing for is called The Green Living Project. Check them out if you want to read environmental awareness articles.
  8. Design:
    There are many forms of design. Design sectors which I like are: graphic design, UX/UI design, interior design, and product design. Graphic design is exciting because each piece of work conveys a particular message about a brand, product or service. UX/UI design focuses on user experiences with apps, online interfaces, and software. Interior design fascinates me because it’s focused on renovating the interior space of any built development. Product design is based on the focus of research into a target demographic’s problems. A favoured design blog: Dieline — Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration (
  9. Coding:
    Coding is the way towards the future. It’s a powerful skills able to improve lives for people in many ways. For example, a programmed app or piece of software for disabled individuals could assist them with their needs. An information platform, such as this one, could be created entirely from systematic programming languages. For a detailed look into programming, take a look at the book linked below.
    Computer Programming for Beginners: Fundamentals of Programming Terms and Concepts: Clark, Nathan: 9781719439558: Books
  10. Digital Marketing:
    Digital Marketing is a pivotal tool for small businesses, freelancers, and large companies alike. Some elements include: SEO, copywriting, email marketing, analytics, social media marketing, and more. I’ve had professional experience in copywriting, social media marketing, and email marketing. Try out Substack if you want to start sending email marketing campaigns for free.
  11. Languages:
    Foreign languages are an exceedingly satisfying way to increase vocabulary as well as becoming multi-lingual. I’m currently planning to learn to speak Arabic and speak, read, and write Japanese. There are many excellent publications and websites on the subject of foreign languages. Learn Arabic with Madinah Arabic paid & free courses
  12. Math:
    Having performed relatively well at math in school, I’ve grown to foster an appreciation of the subject now that I no longer need it for my work. However, I can make it needed when devising new project ideas for solutions the Sharpen Design generator. Studying the mechanics A-level modules in my spare time is something I plan to do.
  13. Physics:
    I’ve always wanted to excel in physics. It’s an amazing subject that studies the forces of motion, electricity, particle physics, and much more! One of my favourite branches of physics is quantum physics. Go to Home — Physics World to find out more about this fantastic subject. Check out Astronomy Magazine — Interactive Star Charts, Planets, Meteors, Comets, Telescopes for some cool content on astronomy.
  14. Computer Science:
    Computer Science has only recently been introduced to the education system a few years back. Studying the way computers work and think according to algorithms and AI (artificial Intelligence) is riveting. Go see Code a New Career | if you’re considering a career in Computer Science.
  15. Psychology:
    Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. The way the brain works is exciting to know about. This subject also contributes much research to the field in practically applied ways. Homepage | BPS is the UK’s Psychological Society. American Psychological Association (APA) caters towards the Psychological Society in America.

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