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“I see humans, but no humanity.”

Jason Donohue

This is planet Earth and the creatures of this astounding planet are known as ‘humans’ who, alas, often lack the capability of being human. No offence intended – deep down, all of us know that it’s the naked truth. People are wounded and the world is broken. Our dear planet is collapsing, not physically, but emotionally. Humanity is on the verge of destruction. People are lost and hopeless. Humans are lost and humanity is shattered. Amid the chaos, humanity is what brings harmony. Humanity is the sole thing that can maintain world order.

We need to defeat hatred with love. We need to fight the battle of revenge with the sword of forgiveness. We need to wear the armour of equality in the war of ethnicity, grow flowers where we are shedding blood and spread smiles on faces that have befriended tears. Hatred, war, race, culture, revenge and power; these things are secondary. They’re insignificant. Humanity is the only thing that matters. Humanity should be inevitable. Humans need it. We need it. Humanity will heal the world. It will fill the cracks. It will bring light in the darkest times. It will bring hope. It will make the world whole again. Humans need humanity. We need to look out for each other before there’s nothing left to take care of – before it’s too late.

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