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Growth is never a linear process.

Growth is never linear they say. That is absolutely and positively true. Growth is painful and uncomfortable, but it’s also liberating, and needed to groom, shape, and mold you to become the person you’re ultimately destined to be.

There are many situations and circumstances in life that teach you lessons to help you evolve your character and perspective. However, it can sometimes be a messy process – one that is difficult to live through but is ultimately meant to prepare you for life’s trials and the different facets of yourself. It shows you how everything works together. Sometimes, you do good, but it’s not reciprocated, and in those moments, you find comfort in the fact that you did what was best and not what was easy. And in those moments, you learn to adapt and evolve; you deal with the next obstacle life brings you with a little more preparation and wisdom than you did before.

There is a famous quote that says: “all things are lessons that life would have us learn.” Keep repeating that quote to yourself. As you do, you will begin to learn that challenges and hardships shape who we are – even for the better.

With growth inevitably comes change because one could not function without the other. Growth is extremely uncomfortable, and that is usually caused by the change that takes place in the growing process. It may be physical, mental, emotional, or even psychological. It all requires a different version of you to handle something you’ve never dealt with before.

All in all, you need to ask yourself the pressing question of whether to endure the
uncomfortably and uncertainty of growth, or the pain of stagnation.

Growing enables you to realise how you could be better, but it also challenges you to be better, think better, and treat people better. You have to let go of the old ideologies you once had because the only way to move forward is through growth. Remember: those old ways won’t open new doors.

Growth helps you understand what you deserve and move towards achieving that, even if it means making difficult decisions along the way, and losing pieces of yourself that no longer serve you or aid you.

So, when things get difficult, remember that you’re being groomed and molded into a greater version of your present self.

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