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Feminism is a term that has been misunderstood by lots of people. Many have defined it in ways that just suits them, and not the proper way it’s meant to be defined. However, according to dictionary definition and the basic point of view, feminism is simply ‘equality among men and women’.

Gender equality has stirred up arguments and issues among people all over the world. If it’s okay for the world to adjust to change in technology and education, then equality shouldn’t be exempt. If a constitution can be amended, then culture and tradition can also be amended.

When a particular gender is treated more special and is given more right over the other, it is strictly inequality. If it’s okay for a man to provide for the family, it also applies with the woman. If a woman can cook and do other domestic chores, it should apply to the man as well. It shouldn’t be said that a man is being nice and kind when he cooks or does other chores, or that he’s just assisting the woman, as it isn’t his job to do that. That’s chauvinism. Chores should be assigned and acted upon by those who stay under the same roof. That’s how progress is achieved.

It then becomes sexism when one gender is justified while the other is condemned. It’s not healthy to say that boys can get away with whatever they do because boys will be boys, but girls can’t because they’re meant to be perfect. If it’s wrong for a girl to do, it’s also wrong for a boy to do. A woman shouldn’t be dragged on social media for infidelity, while a man is celebrated for infidelity. Everyone deserves to be treated right and fair.

Often, people who fight for the right of women are seen as a bad influence that put the world in chaos. Subscribing to the school of thought that women should be silent and take in whatever and however they are treated, is purely misogyny. Also, subscribing to the school of thought that men should be blamed for every wrong and shouldn’t be considered even when they are innocent, is purely man-hate. It’s very obvious that most society fail to acknowledge women and give them the proper right they deserve. When such is the case, the oppressed would like to fight and gain what’s right for them. In doing that, women should know that hating on men is not the message of feminism. That’s being vengeful and pained.

It’s okay for a girl to be bold, ambitious, and active without being misjudged, disliked, or labelled too much. It’s okay for a boy to grieve, or cry, or show any signs of emotion, especially the part that hurts him so much because he is a living being that responds to stimuli.

If feminism is equality, it shows us that this is the era when no gender should be restricted from achieving anything or expressing how they feel. A boy shouldn’t be called weak for being emotional. A girl shouldn’t be called arrogant for being bold. A man should participate in domestic chores without complaining. A woman should provide for the family without it being seen as taboo.

If what has been stated above is followed, the issue of unfairness would be overruled and the term ‘feminism’ would hold water.

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