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The winter holidays are a time for us to reflect and contemplate on how our time has been spent and what memories we cherish the most. It’s fascinating how one time of the year can bring so much joy and enthusiasm. I say, why not carry that excitement and zest for life all year-round? Life is too short not to be enjoyed. It’s best to say that we all have something to be grateful for everyday. The seasons, our families, our health, the opportunities in life we are given and much more. Here’s how you can carry the joy of a New Year all year-round:

1. Feel and show gratitude in every moment
Think very carefully about all that you have: your health, your family, your life and so much more. It’s all yours and you can take it as it is and be grateful, or just aimlessly be searching for more when there’s already so much right in front of you. If you’re more of a writer, then write down everything that you’re grateful for! If you’re a kinaesthetic learner, pick up those things that initiate your grateful measure, such as a photo album with pictures of you and you’re family. Listen to the sounds of laughter and joy whenever you get together with friends and family.

2. Try something new everyday
Whether that’s in your professional or personal life, it’s possible to add some spice and zest to your daily life by changing things up. This could involve a new recipe, visiting a new place, trying a new sport, making something new, learning a new piece of knowledge and more! Notice how I’ve repeated the word “new”. Variation can stimulate your neurons and open up parts of your brain that have never been explored. You can also become immersed in new experiences by trying new things. It’s so joyful!

3. Give, give and give back to the world
We always overlook the efforts of what those before us have done and achieved for us to live the lives we have today. The great railway projects were built by engineers and allow us to travel to far places; they sacrificed a lot for future generations. There is so much you can do. You could volunteer for a charity, start a community project, develop products for the betterment of society and so much more! There are many opportunities to volunteer both abroad, nationally and locally.

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