Found in 1976, Apple Inc. was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Their initial aim was to make computing devices small enough for their home lives or office work. Originally, the first line of Apple computers was sold from Jobs’ garage, without a monitor, keyboard or casing. The Apple II brought about a breakthrough in computing by providing new and interesting colour graphics.
Sales jumped from $7.8 million in 1978 to $117 million in 1980, the year Apple went public.” In 1983, Wozniak left the company as did his interest in managing Apple computers. PepsiCo’s John Sculley was then hired by Jobs to be Apple’s president.

Following much disagreement and contradictory efforts put into the company, Jobs left to work on pursuing his own career within the space of technology enterprise. He founded NeXt Software and bought Pixar. Apple continued to gain momentum. In 1990, its profits were at an all-time high. This was primarily due to Jobs’ plans put in place before he left. One such plan involved a deal with the company Adobe.

In 1985, Sculley refused a deal from Microsoft to license its software. Microsoft’s OS operated a similar graphical interface to that of Apple’s. Therefore the 1980s and 1990s proved to be tough competition between the two companies.


According to Investopedia, Apple’s iPhone is its core product, being the most consistent source of sales, profit and share price. Among the top 5 smartphone vendors globally, the iPhone was one of them. After releasing the iPhone 13, demand remained. In addition, the company states that they are “setting a new standard for performance and empowering our customers to create and connect in new ways.”

Apple reportedly had to cut production of the iPhone 13 because of ongoing issues with supply reductions from its manufacturing partners.”The company reported net sales for the iPhone unit of $192 billion for the 2021 fiscal year compared to $137.8 reported in the year before. Sales hit $38.9 billion during the fourth quarter—up 47% from the same quarter of 2020, which earned $26.4 billion.”

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