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Goals are something that we all look forward to starting and accomplishing each year. The achieving and finishing of goals are where some people fall off. Here are the five writing goals that I will check off my list this year.

  1. Improving my writing skills

One of the keys to becoming a great writer is practice. They say practice makes perfect. I can’t disagree with that one. Something that I want to work on improving is my grammar and punctuation. This will require constant practice.

As a writer, I feel that having a strong grasp of my grammar and punctuation is essential. The goal for me is to be understood and not misunderstood. It is crucial to me that people don’t take my words out of context.  

  1. Publishing books

Currently, I am working on my first book. It will be a collection of poetry. I am looking to publish it in the spring of this year. That is the plan. Yet, I haven’t spoken to a publisher. 

Right after, I will look to type up and edit another set of poetry. This will be my second book. Next year or this year, all of you will have an opportunity to read. Eventually, I will look to write a novel. Essentially, being an author is what I want to be. 

  1. Becoming a full-time writer

Before I become an established author, I will start off writing articles. So, I will have to start out as a full-time writer. Being a full-time writer will allow me to develop and construct my identity, as an author, before rising through the author food chain.

I would like to make a profit from this, as I want to get away from my current occupation. 

  1. Improving research skills 

Sometimes, additional material is needed to prove or disprove something. I am well aware that I am not the most informed. I do not want to write from an uneducated place, so it would be wise of me to conduct extensive research. I feel my research skills are to be worked on. 

  1. Writing more political posts

This goal is connected to the last one. The reason is that I have a voice and I want to elaborate more on certain topics. Of course, I will further prove my opinions with facts-based evidence. 

There are pressing issues in this world that are worth speaking about and me telling you about. Remitting information is important. Hopefully, we can engage in conversation via comments or any other form. 


No matter what your goal or goals are, we all should strive to accomplish them. Goals are meant to be set. It would be a waste not to achieve them.

2 thoughts on “FIVE WRITING GOALS FOR 2023

  1. I am sure that you will achieve your goals. You sound like you know what you want, and how to get there.
    As a poet myself (also unpublished), I look forward to seeing your poetry.
    You’ve got this!

    1. Thanks. If you would like, you can go to my instagram or TikTok to see me read poetry. My profile name is principeguityjr.

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