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The word ‘risk‘ is big, and it comes with a lot of fears. Nobody would pretend to not have at least a little fear when taking a risk. But it does have a pay, it’s called reward.

The general saying about risk is numerous, but people never fail to acknowledge this very popular one: ‘No risk, no reward.’ No one can take without giving. It’s like throwing a tennis ball up and expecting it not to fall down.

Much accomplishment comes with much risk. Listing out names of great accomplishments and the risk that was faced would take, at most, 132 days to read through, because each effort that was put in came with its own risk story. The difference between what was accomplished and what is yet to be accomplished, is risk.

What kind of risk do you take? This should be a wake-up call to you, if you truly know what you want to accomplish.

You can’t begin the day with a risk of 5% and expect to gain a reward of 100%. You can only get what you give. If you want bigger rewards, be ready to take bigger risks. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. But is there such a word as ‘easy’ in the path of greatness? This is the question you should answer for yourself. If nothing is free on Earth, then nothing is easy to get.

Pray for the strength, and pray for the grace to keep going. It’s okay to bend at some point, but don’t break. Keep stretching until you get to the height you’ve always dreamt of.

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