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Meta Platforms Inc (Meta) is a technology provider of platforms that:

help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses.”

Around $7 billion has been raised, by this community on Facebook and Instagram, to support causes that matter to them. It is possible to set up individual fundraising ventures. Over 200M businesses make use of Meta’s services, every month, to make connections with customers and grow. Over 700M people, use AR through Meta’s apps and devices each month.

Digital connections are being propelled forwards. Meta is progressing, beyond the norm of 2D screens, and into immersive experiences within the metaverse. The next evolving phase of social technology is being created.

The metaverse is the next evolution in social connection and the successor to the mobile internet.

The metaverse aims to connect individuals in a way they can experience the same sentiment as meeting up face-to-face.

Meta is working on prioritising privacy and security above all else. They aim to give users control over their privacy, and also to allow information that’s sensitive to be protected. This is to maximise the consumer experience of Meta products. Industry standards are adhered to, whilst providing an optimal experience.

Data enhances your experiences and makes them more relevant to you, whether that’s recommending groups you should join or delivering content to your apps that reflects your interests. We’re giving you more control over your privacy choices, and holding ourselves accountable for keeping your data secure.

Another useful feature, of meta, is that Meta’s Privacy Centre provides the option for privacy for its users.

One of Meta’s key products is Instagram. Instagram is a social media network with a focus on photos, visual content, and captions. Instagram is used by individuals and businesses alike. On Instagram, there are many socially productive features, which keep evolving and serving the needs, of this century’s socially elite users.

Also, another useful feature is that; feed content can take the form of photos, videos, reels, guides, and a virtual shop. In addition to this, there are profile story features available; allowing users to share their stories, either with close friends or everybody.

Whilst the subject of privacy is prevalent, Instagram accounts can be set to private or public. The private mode stipulates that users’ follow requests, must be accepted to be allowed to view content. This feature particularly suits cultures in which, a dim view is taken of excessive amounts of social media coverage.

Another of Meta’s main products is Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform, that offers full profile pages for individuals and companies. In addition, Facebook makes searching for friends and contacts easier, by dividing the search terms into parameters: such as business, contact details, occupation, et cetera.

The Facebook Page includes features such as a profile photo, cover photo, page username, CTA, and an about section. Certain other features include a list organiser ( for organising friends lists into categories), groups ( for organising community groups through a watch party), units ( for organising posts into sections, to allow notification to members content filters, and for insights), messages, royalty free music, live streaming to multiple pages; as well as scrapbooking (allowing people to create scrapbook albums of photos).  

Another social platform owned by Meta is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging app that also allows for video calling. In addition, it provides group chats as a key feature. Messages are encrypted end-to-end, by special encryption services. Therefore, privacy and security are guaranteed to the user. WhatsApp is generally used, to connect individuals worldwide on fast networks. Messages that are delivered, and seen by recipients, are clearly indicated with coloured ticks next to messages. Messages can also be forwarded, deleted, and sent to groups.

Overall, Meta has done really well for itself.

It is a platform that is both revolutionising the social media industry and creating a Metaverse for good initiatives.

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