Source: Pexels by Antonio Shkraba

How to learn Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting is a wonderful pastime, or even career opportunity, for skilled artists. It takes skill, precision, and much effort to master. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Gather supplies

  • Watercolour paper pad/Canvas
  • Paint brushes; thick to thin
  • Watercolour paints (I have Reeves)
  • Palette mixing tray
  • Inspiration (Pinterest pins, blogs, YouTube, shows, books, etc.)

2. Read about other artists:

Read about how other artists got to the position they’re in today. You might find a connection and learn from them. Understand how they learned, how to paint in watercolours, and try to master it yourself.

3. Learn through YouTube:

YouTube has a variety of artists showing how to paint in watercolours. Here are some channels I personally recommend: – Tinesday – Makoccino – Draw with Shiba – Watercolor by Javid Tabatabaei

4. Take a course:

There are many watercolour painting courses available. Here are some I recommend:

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